Tuesday 25 September 2012

Clutter Magazine... ME! and how silicone works.

Okay, first off, I will be exhibiting and selling something at the Clutter Magazine show in NYC in January. I will be returning to my adult themed roots I expect as I have an idea that would time perfectly with this.


This is bloody exciting. At the very least, something about what I do has been deemed worthy of shipping over to America, where films and kids that go "Here we go again! Woahhhh!" come from.

I got some silicone through today and all I have to do is finish the test mold i'm making now. I mailed the maker and it's ok for pressurising. Nice.

I found out what was up with my last batch, the seller Polysil ( A GREAT COMPANY!) got back to me about why their stuff is not suitable for pressurising. Turns out that unlike the stuff you normally get accross the Atlantic, over here our catalysts are tin/condensation based. This apparently means that the need moisture to cure properly. The lovely 1:1 stuff that people use over the pond is apparently platinum based which makes it ok for curing under pressure.
They told me all this and still refunded me, even though they did nothing wrong - so the world isn't full of arseholes.

The stuff  I've got in the pot now is apparently  tin based too, but totally ok for pressure curing. So all the information i've been given is now a little confusing. I should just google it and stop being a shnork.

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