Friday, 18 May 2018



 I've been full time toy making for two months now. Enjoying the process of brushing up all the crafts involved in toymaking without a real goal. Making one-offs is fun and can pay the bills but I have really missed building on something.

I worked out that I've had about 60 releases since I started and something like 40 original sculpts. I like all toys which means I had made figures in almost every scale and material.
 BMT HARDCORE is a format of 60mm tall thick SD rubber keshi. I plan to release every original character I've ever created as well as completely re-sculpt some of the stuff I kitbashed or even bootlegged in the early days of Bigmantoys.
This is me taking everything I've learned in the past 5 years and putting it all into one epic line.
The figures are digitally sculpted, 3D printed, copied in wax, re-sculpted by hand, and finally cast in indestructible PU rubber.

The header cards are spray painted stencils on cardstock. Everything from Zbrush to putty to spray paint comes together to make these. It's my proudest output so far and with the workflow I'm using, I'll be able to keep bringing out new releases.
 Rather than a random splurge of casting, these figures will have limited runs of each colour so that as the line continues, people will know exactly how many of everything is out there, and how possible it is to get a complete collection. I don't just want the sculpts to be awesome, I want people to have holy grails from the line for their collection
 What's even cooler is that I have already agreed on incorporating several characters from the lines of other indy toy companies (ones you will know and love) into the line.

An expanded universe of BMT and the coolest other lines out there all in the same format.
Finally, these are going to be affordable!
There's no paying 3rd party licences, gallery or convention expenses. These are made 100% by me in my little studio in England.
All you're paying for is the toy!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Full timin'.

About a month ago, I had what would be considered a very enviable day-job. It's a spot that lots of people in town would have done anything to get selling a very cool product. I was earning more money than I ever thought I would, and I was miserable. I released one toy in that time (on Shapeways - I didn't even have time to produce it myself) and it was the only thing during that period that felt like any kind of accomplishment.

There was nothing wrong with the job I had, I think we're all just wired differently. I did fine and was happy to over-deliver for customers but it wasn't my product. Compliments directed to me were for something I had no part in creating. I have to make toys.

It's been 5 years since I found out just how happy making toys and the art of running a small business make me. Sculpting felt fun, casting felt great, people buying my stuff felt really good, and at the very least, breaking even financially while I continue to learn rather than paying to go on a course really kept me going.

Anyway, no grand mission statement. I know how lucky I am to live in a first world country and have this as an option. I've been making toys as an impulse and nessecity for 5 years now. The only thing is that it is now all I do. I'll be putting out the best stuff I can.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Re-attaching the creative nerve endings.

If you're one of the 300 or so people with a vested interest in garage toy makers, you may have noticed my complete abscence from toy blogs, and little posted on social media.
A few things have happened. I've got a day job in the games industry. I'm not working as an artist but as an admirer of the craft, it's quite cool talking with people who've worked on games I've spent a lot of time playing myself. BUT it's a proper bloody job. I can't fuck about. Just as when someone gives me money for a toy, I owe them 100%, I have to give back to this company. I'm not the best sculptor, or the best producer but I like to think Bigmantoys had a work ethic that gave it a degree of "success".

So I made that Maniac Cop statue and went quiet. Other massive personal changes have attacked my free time. I know full well I could just glue a Trump head to a Ninja Turtle, fart out some resin copies, and get covered on all the hipster websites but its an unfun game when its that easy. The stuff Alien Robot Monster is coming out with as an example, is what its all about IMO. Every penny is deserved.

I've got money saved up for the first time. I have pitched, got very close, and failed to design and mass produce a few licenses I love. I'm in talks for more. I don't know which if any will work, but I can guarantee it'll be something I would collect for the price.

In the meantime, my minimal profit Shapeways shop is keeping the pulse going with regular releases, exploiting the strengths of the 3d printed medium.

Last week was s full color range of Mortal Kombat and Double Dragon minis.
Much more to come.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Maniac Cop posable resin statues.


He's in-store now at
Just $75 for a fully painted deluxe version, and $39 for a blank.
I had a really good time at Toycon this year. Got to meet up with my old mates and get to know some new ones better. Regardless of my stance on the whole custom Dunny thing, credit where it's due - the art was excellent.

Also got reminded how fickle the whole bootleg art toy scene is. You're only as good as your last gimmick a lot of the time so I thought eff it, I'm going to sculpt Maniac Cop.
 Matt Cordell has been done before by the likes of Homemade Horror and another very rare 12" resin kit I've seen around. I wanted to make my own version, not quite as literal to the movie, but more cartoonish - kind of like something from Monster Squad or Scooby Doo.
 He took me about a solid working week to sculpt, including base. I've represented every detail - from the zippers and buttons, to numbers on his badge and name-badge.
The deluxe version is polished and painted to the max, with 3 points of magnetic articulation. I'm only making 5 of these. After that, he'll be only available in kit form, for people who like to sand and paint their own.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Treegarr the 13th.

It's already in store and as I write, there are just 2 left. Sorry I haven't written about it here earlier.

This the 13th Edition of the full size classic Treegarr (not including a few one offs and *ahem* "tribute" figures out there). I've been on a real Friday the 13th binge - finally watching all of them in order for the first time. I even watched Jason X, God bless me.

For this one, I really wanted to have fun trying new things out and as is always the challenge with indy toys, do something no one could rip off easily. I've wanted to add a mask of some kind to the original 'Garr for years. I love Neca's retro Mego-style line of figures for all the little details and extra features so decided it was a good time to have a crack at it.

 Treegarr's mask is all-rubber. I made a few resin ones but they kept chipping the paint on the eyes. Even when I coated them with PU varnish (used for boats) and left in the sun for a couple of days.
The PU rubber holds a wash just great, as well as opaque paint on thicker, less flexible parts.

 The machete is cast in English pewter. Pretty much indestructible. I've recently invested some time and money into learning pewter casting. Resin weapons look great but no one can pretend a 4mm thick resin handle is going to last forever. I give these a black wash, acetone rub, and weather with a mix of different sandpapers and files.

The story I have in my head for this crossover is based on Jason Goes to Hell - where he becomes a possessive ghost. Treegarr is basically the same thing, except he possesses plant material rather than humans. Both of them are mute, without reason, but also intelligent and ruthlessly driven. Kind of a good match.

Also available are a limited number of Jason Voorhees masks that fit all full-size Treegarrs. For people that own a Treegarr and don't want to buy a whole new one.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

REANIMATOR, and Clutter edition Death Adder.

Been a busy few months of sculpting, and planning. I've been trying every trick in the book I know to put a real new spin on the classic 5.5" barbarian format action figure. Been mixing 3D printing with putty and wax sculpting, and I don't think I've ever made so many experimental waste molds. What I've distilled from all the playing around is a couple of rock solid ideas that I'm going to try and save until the whole PAGAN toys thing is ready to rock. I used to think people were crazy for keeping work-in-progress a secret. Not like anyone is reading blogs for ideas to rip off before they're ready right? Any self-respecting artist would surely want to know they've put something original in the world, no? No. I've seen so many carbon copies of things people have been working on, as well as a few things that are scarily similar to my ideas (of people I didn't expect to know of my existence) get done at almost the exact same time, that I too have fallen victim to wanker-phobia. Aaaaaanyway, here's what I CAN show you because you can buy it right now. Herbert West - REANIMATOR! Ever since I saw that Shapeways offer a full-color service, I've wanted to get on it. It's a real strength of the 3D printed format in that as it is no more labor, the price is the same as a monochrome figure. I'm really proud of the sculpt - I wanted it to be like SLUG Zombies or Monster in My Pocket in the way that it tells a story, rather than merely represent the character's likeness. Needle, severed living hand in bag, and blood on the sleeve. I could never have gotten Jeffrey Comb's cartoonised likeness this tight if I'd sculpted in wax or clay either. It's a real gem of an example of the benefits of digital. I still spent a ton of time on it, though. I'm amazed at how well they came out and how affordable the full color versions are. Naturally they are also available in the same range of monochrome colors as my other killer horror minis, over at: .
I've also made a goddamn gorgeous giant-size Death Adder in some of the lushest colors you'll ever see - available at the Clutter shop here: The Clutter Magazine store.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Bigmantoys CHEAP CREEP CLUB!