Friday, 18 April 2014

Eating the steak and leaving the fat + MORE BURNING CHOP FIGURES + GLYOS ANIMAL HEADS.

 Half of the alpha wave of Burning Chop are still in store @ Also been working on some Glyos animal heads (available individually) for fellow Battle Beast dorks.

I was reading an article the other day about weight training, saying that 80% of our results come from 20% of our effort. I imagine that rule loosely applies to most things in life. You just never know what will be THE thing that gets you to where you want to be. You can crank yourself to the edge with effort in something, then some fluke side-project you half started can catch on like wildfire and take you further than all your hard work ever could have.

The reason I'm writing about this on a toy-maker's blog is it's a principle that been present in everything I've tried in life. I won't lie, a lot of things I've been involved in, I've had the unfair advantage of being able to make people laugh which instantly makes them treat you favorably. I never planned this or put effort into it, but it has undoubtedly helped a lot.

I went along to Toycon UK again this year but didn't take any toys. My goal was to talk to my friends, look at some toys and have fun. I walked away with a couple of new contacts in the toy industry and some vague talk of vinyl production somewhere if I do the right sculpt. I won't strain myself trying to make these things happen - I'm just going to keep on enjoying what I do, sleeping at least 7 hours a night (most nights), and working only on the ideas my heart is invested in. I've even started working on my own gym in my bigger shed to make sure I don't lose my weight training progress to toy work. There's no need to let that happen.

Toycon was a ton of fun without business to worry about. Getting to see TruTek is always cool as we have so much to catch up on every time we see each other, as well as Dan and Ian from Unbox, Luke and Rob from Triclops, Chris from TheTarantulas, and Rich from Umetoys. I wasn't talking shop for the most part, and as a result, I left with more motivation to make toys than ever. I got to meet Jon Rampage and had the pleasure of realising our mutual expectation of the other guy being a dick was the opposite of the truth. I could have lived that day 3 days in a row and still been filling my inspiration glass by the end.

On the toy side, expect 5.5s by the bucket this year.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fröstkronna!! The 2nd 5.5 collab from Galaxxor+ Bigmantoys!

I'll be upping some snaps of the forthcoming alpha release of Burning Chop this weekend, but first it's time to reveal BMT and Galaxxor's Frostokronna. Check out Galaxxor's blog for the details here:

I always enjoy working with Ben. He's one of those people that simply likes to help and has a very non-cynical fun-driven approach to making toys and helping others do the same. I'm really blown away with how he once again took something where it was tough to see another dimension to it, and dramatically re-invent it once again. The choice of colorway for this femme space-barbarian is of course a homage to Frostkron based on my Wo-man buck, with Ben's Space barbarian helmet, casted of course by TheGodBeast. The reds and yellows jumping off the beautifully glossed and glittered bod, and the super sci-fi colored axe are really cool.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Burning Chop!! バーニングチョップ!

I've added a feed from my Instagram account at the top there to keep up to date on here via my new phone. I'm not the type to pay out so I really had to wait for a phone that can handle Instagram on my contract. I love it! :)


While I was casting the Bull Monsters, I started playing with Glyos fit-function joints by sculpting on top of joint hubs with Milliput. I was playing a lot of Fire Pro Wrestling on my phone at the time and remembered how awesome the quirky scale of the wrestlers was, and how cool it was to be able to customise them however you want.


I mailed Matt at Onell design and like the awesome little-guy-supporting legend he is, he gave me his blessing to go ahead with this. I'm totally thrilled at how well it's working out!

グリオスをデザインしたMATT DOUGHTYと言うインディフィギャーの神様に「僕もグリオスと使えるフィギャーを作らせて」と聞いてOK!と言われた。ナイスガイだよ、彼!

What good is making plastic toys if you can't make exactly what you want?!


So yeah, I've been going crazy having fun with this. Like Wo-man, it's something I did totally based on my own taste, not worrying too much if it sells, but I'm really pleased to find out a lot of people like and 'get' it. The interchangability with Glyos brings all my toy worlds together, giving the potential for weird alien/sci-fi wrestling characters. There's going to be hundreds!
I'm working on a female buck, a fatter body, and different boot typed at the moment. Hopefully should have something to offer by the end of the month!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

I did an interview. I am producing a really nice minifigure for a movie, also. インタービューをしちゃった。ブルモンスターも発表します!

The art and toy website Art Whore Cult gave me a nice interview with lots of interesting questions. Here it is! I won't bore you with the same thing twice so read it if you feel like it :)

Also, I'm producing this hot sauce - the Bull Monster.

日本語でうまく説明できるかと知らないけど、簡単に言うと、ニューメクシコにすむネイティブアメリカンたちはナバ ホの古い話のアックション映画をつりたくて、金を黙るため、いろんなグッズを出します。あのフィギャーを粘土で僕に送って「好きに変わって、40か50を 作ってください」と言ったら、僕が腕を動けるため、モデルを少しかわって、プロダックションを始まった。 僕はBIGMANTOYSにとして売るわけじゃなくて、映画を買う人だけは玩具をボーナスで買える事になると思いますね。

This sculpt was sent to me by Robin Lasiloo who is involved in the production of the upcoming movie Monster Slayer Project. For ease of production and added coolness, I added articulation to the arms, which are Glyos compatible and look awesome on Glyan figs. Matt Doughty kindly gave his permission and spoke highly of Robin's sculpt!

In other 'news' the last ever Battlegaze figure sold from the Clutter gallery store. I have actually sculpted a new action figure with a knob but it's so disgusting I think if I do produce it, I might just send it to friends.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Why I work on the Mystical Warriors of the Ring comic. MWOTR漫画を描く理由。

I'm in the middle of getting issue three done and I fancied a break before I repeat the process of pencil, ink, scan, and GIMP again.

On the very off off-chance that you don't know, Mystical Warriors of the Ring is a full production, original, fantasy wrestling minifigure series with its own universe and characters. Over the past year, Bigmantoys output, my art, and the MWOTR series has gone great, with all of us involved selling everything we make and with Mark Vasquez, the creator and head guy at MWOTR now getting stuff produced big scale in China.

It started off with Mark committing to a vision that most people I know well in the indy toy scene have, of creating a real, enduring minifig series. He used TheGodbeast for resin production, really in my opinion one of the people that created this whole thing before it was a thing. I remember looking at his stuff on the LittleRubberGuys forum and being hugely inspired, as many people were. This is where I saw OMFG get its first Kickstarter campaign going, and I found Zectron and Man-e-toys. Anyway, Mark found a one pager I did for the first ever HUSTLE figures and got in touch. 

The reason I think we click so well is that A: We both love wrestling, B: We both really love minifigures, and C: It's totally non-ironic and very close to our hearts. To say ECW had a huge influence on my life would be an understatement. At the time, it was the best thing going. Full stop. The 90s produced a load of shit and a lot of cool stuff and ECW brought everything I loved at that time into one place. The two commentators are my way of living in 1998 Philly the whole time I'm working on the comic. The guy with the buzz cut is Mole E. Styles.

...who is 100% based on Joey Styles! I loved Joey styles so much. SO MUCH! In WWF, JR could narrate a great story from a great match, in ECW, Joey could take an ex-con who can't wrestle versus a fat piece of shit, and MAKE it into a story. It was everything I love about being non-mainstream. Indy metal, indy wrestling, indy comics and in our case indy toys. We're the guys making it for ourselves and each other. Our means might be limited but that doesn't mean we will make excuses for poor output. Joey Styles CRIED in the ring! For real! Same as Tommy Dreamer. Mark (Vasquez - MWOTR creator) is a similarly emotionally driven person and I love it. He used to go to Philly to see ECW live. That was the only thing I wanted when I was 19 - to go the ECW arena and meet Taz, Dreamer, RVD, Sabu, Styles, and Cyrus, yes Cyrus, aka the Jackyl.

...who is parodied in MWOTR by "The Weasel". Cyrus parodied Howard Stern in the WWF and in ECW was a perfect heel. Joey knew the name to every move ever created, Cyrus didn't care. Joey was one of the people, Cyrus was one of the network's people. He smiled when the face lost, and tried to be nonchalante about amazing matches (like the WCW commentators did without trying) on purpose. He wore designer glasses, and sometimes had a hippie jewel on his head. I dunno, people don't seem to rate him but I thought he and Joey were the best, and that's why they're (kind of) in MWOTR.

Going to a town full of working class people and playing the effete corporate arse-kisser has been done 1000000 times, but for what Paul Heyman probably paid him, he was some of the best added value I have ever seen on VHS.

As you might know, I did used to wrestle, and in decent promotions with good opponents, too. Of course I miss it. This is my way of telling a story, the same way a wrestler does in the ring. I'm working with Mark's characters and stories and adding sentiment to the action, which is ultimately what wrestling is all about.
I hope over the years, we create characters where people really care what happens in the next issue, who gets the belt, etc. Mark has had an actual Arcane Wrestling Federation belt made to make it all the more real.

So for me, this has been a great wave to ride. I've been able to re-interpret Kinnikuman comics into the elements of wrestling I like, have Treegarr (my baby) included in the figure series, and literally ping-pong ideas around with the ideas getting better every time Mark and I relay to each other.

Be sure to keep an eye on to see what we're upto!

Oh yeah, in case you got one, thanks for helping make the Wo-man drop a MASSIVE success. I've had to pause the pre-orders to catch up - and I never stop working!

Right, that's my hour off. Cheers! :)