Monday 22 October 2012

Treegarr drops wedensday!

Treegarr will be available to purchase right here as of Wednesday 24th October @ 18:00 EST / 23:00 GMT!
Many more pics at:
Standing at 5.5" of pure retro resin brutality, Treegarr despite being an art-toy features 3 points of articulation. WOAH!
This is a completely unique sculpt. This design (the original version) will be limited to 10 pieces, ever. I promise once 10 are bought, there will be be no more with the realistic brown bark paintjob, that resembles all artwork and the original sketches.
Due to be revealed before Wednesday, the amazing artwork of John Santagada (google him! Wow!) aka Radioactiveuppercut will be featured on the header card!
"Born from the blood of centuries of sacrifice in a far off desolate wasteland, 'Treegarr', known also in ancient tongues as 'Treevil', needs blood to remain animated. If starved, he must lay root and remain dormant until blood spilt by evil allows him to awake again.
Although Treegarr is only one entity, and one evil mind, there are many stories of him from across this universe and others. Farmers, knights, barbarians, and lesser monsters all have folk tales of this being. Here then, is his true form..."

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