Sunday 9 December 2012

Critters/ Treegarr Saplings double drop on Friday! (+ the growing of a Tree Monster).

It's decided - the Treegarr Sapling/Critter double drop will be Friday 14th December @ 18:00 EST/ 23:00 GMT! (Click the SHOP link above for our Bigcartel!) and they are yours for ONLY $13 EACH!! Will up pics ASAP!

After how many molds I had to make to get my first two waves of Critters done. The spines of the sculpt absolutely butcher the mold.
I vowed never to make more. Then I got this neon resin that really works, as well as lots of requests for one last wave.
They are awesome! While doing lots of casting for (full size) Treegarr version 2 - the Galaxxor version and version 3 - the (someone really awesome you have almost definitely heard of) version, I started sculpting the Treegarr minifig - the sapling.

I sculpted him in the British tradition. That is to say, miliput rather than sculpey, and lots of old school miniature sculpting and texturing techniques that suit RPG figurines and things of nature.
I actually got into making minifigs and happened to be working with an ex-employee of Games Workshop. I was playing with some clay while talking on the phone and he started giving me tips on how the scupltors at GW do it. Little things like making texture rollers themselves, and using exacto knives to perfect any dynamic lines in their sculpts.
After the big version, it was a pleasure to sit in front of the TV and fiddle away with him every night. Treegarr Sapling.


 Treegarr was a sketch I did when I was playing with the general idea of "chunkiness". I suppose it's that cartoonishness which defines minifigures from miniatures really. I only had a marker to hand and was getting into the idea of having this heaving chunky tree-guy. I showed Ben (Spencer of Galaxxor fame) and he basically made me do it! I sent him pictures of the WIP constantly, and he gave me pointers like making sure the taper is strong in the waist, that the forearms stay powerful compared with the upper. Toy-making-world helper extraordinaire Marty Hansen gave me some tips on making the mold, and my good friend Gold Dober (who I consider to be a very modest man for the skills he has indeed) was my automatic go-to guy for advice on casting the joints and functionality.
When it was just about done, but a little flat, Brandon of Manormonster Studios (yes, Bog-nar!) advised I spice it up with a little assymetry, which I still consider to be one of the coolest elements of the design when i look at it now!

SO that's the birth of the Tree-monster of Etheria! Now to get these, and the other collab models shipped over to America to see versions 2 and 3 manifest.

Toys are awesome. I'm really loving life at the moment. I've met so much genuine talent, intelligence,  and class since i've started dedicating my time to toymaking. Thanks!

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