Saturday 26 October 2013

New 5.5 - WO-MAN! イギリスのビッグマントイズです。よろしくね!

Saved by a mysterious hero in her youth, and from that point forth committed to never again relying on the strength of others, WO-MAN!

5.5" of female warrior. Brandishing her father's modified wood-axe, she roams the planets in search of the warrior who once came to her aid to pledge allegiance to him. Already hindering her path are her evil clone Faye-Kerr, and the terrible tree monster known as Treegarr, which destroyed much of her home village.

Embedded in her axe is a gem, once given to her by an old wizard, which when at its apex of power, in times of need, allows her to self-clone, bringing forth a brilliant replica of herself to fight alongside her so long as the gem holds power.




すぐにデビユーします! COMING VERY SOON!

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