Friday 27 February 2015

Los Guerreros Transformados!

So, after at least 2 years of looking through my collection at the solid rubber 5.5 bootlegs I have in there and wanting to make some myself, I've done it!

I couldn't decide on whether to make something fantasy themed, or finally get round to doing some luchadores, so I thought if I take a vintage buck and re-sculpt the boots etc to make it plain, I can not only do both, but make them the same figure. All you need to do is swap the heads.

Cleaning rubber figures is no walk in the park. There are people who refuse to do resin, and some who refuse to do rubber. Rubber doesn't snap, and resin looks (in my opinion) better. You can sand it, gloss it, etc, to a much finer finish than you can rubber. But there are tricks you can use to get rubber looking smooth. So I've used my keshi tricks on the bodies and made the heads out of resin in an assortment of different colors. No 2 figures are the same.

I've also made these the cheapest 5.5s I've ever done. I want these to be affordable army builders people can pick up and play with, put MOTU armor on, swap the heads, and have fun with, without worrying about knocking it off the shelf.

I've also painted the header card in acrylics in a similar style to bootleg toys from Mexico. Pretty happy with the overall look - like a pound shop find of a lifetime!

Given the playability of these and the fact that they can sit on any steed and hold any weapon, I'm already shopping for paint that'll stick to PU rubber so I can carry on with my Golden Axe inspired line. It deserves more!


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