Sunday 13 March 2016

New Puppet MUSCLEs, Fugg the Slayer flesh edition, Double Dragon figures and 3D printing.

New Puppet MUSCLE rubber keshi, Pinhead and Leechwoman, will finally be available in my Bigcartel store from March 19th, Midnight London time.

I don't mind telling you, Leech Woman has been a pain to make. Her thin legs combined with the cold conditions in my casting room have been making life difficult to say the least. But I've finally got a good workflow on and enough of a buffer to deal with demand in good time.
The variants of these two I have in my Shapeways store have been available for a little while  and happy to see people people picking them up, but I understand the purist's desire for super high detail rubber minifgures so will keep them coming.

Also, available in the Shapeways store as a print-to-order figure, I've added Jack Attack from Demonic Toys as an adversary for the Cyber Puppet variants you can order there. 

Also been adding more stuff to my Shapeways shop. I have a 3D printer now but it can't compete with Shapeways on small scale figures. I've worked out a way of getting full playsets to customers through Shapeays for little more than the price of a single figure. I attach a sprue. It reduced the price by about a 1/3, and I also include large but hollow accessories like the oil drum and the log.

Each set comes with a Billy/Jimmy/Jeff/Sonny style character so you can pick what colors you want to match the characters they represent. Really happy with how they came out. Especially the hair styles - real nice.

Finally, I've taken the plunge and got a 3D printer (got once in a lifetime deal on it too!). As someone who spent a bit of time as a kid putting together garage kits, printing out models in parts, assembling, smoothing, and painting took no learning at all. 

I don't want to sound like a negative Nelly Furtado,  but the past couple of years have seen the bootleg resin scene get huge, and kind of a price-point competition for who can churn out the most one-part-mold pieces for the least money. So... you know. I'll definitely kitbash and do customs and collabs with 5.5 guys from time to time, but when it gets to being a an exercise in stir and pour labor, I'm kind of pulling back a bit. Not saying it's not fun, cool, and an art form, it's just become tough for guys like me who've gone part time in the day job and want to at least pay rent without worrying. I'm a big fan of bootleg resin and own a lot of other people's work, but the bottom line is I enjoy sculpting more than casting.

Speaking of which... Made a small run of Galaxxor's Fugg character in flesh rubber and resin that'll be available at C2E2. Always an honor to work with Ben, and never been disappointed with the outcome of our collabs.

So the Z-brush sculpted keshi will keep coming, but I'm moving to larger, original pieces now. I've had a week with my 3D printer, and this is some of the stuff I've come up with so far.

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