Tuesday 9 August 2016

Exhibitions, and Death Adder.


Yeah, it's been slow-going. Got a new full time job BUT with the GBP taking a hit recently, I might be able to afford to go part time again as your US Dollars are worth a ton more over here now :D Every cloud!

So first thing - I've got work in a couple of exhibitions at the moment - The "Skeletor and the Henchmen of the Universe" show at the hallowed ACME Superstore/Gallery in Florida (if I remember correctly). It's the same place that ran the BOSS KRANG exhibition last year - Enzo Garza's the guy. I consider it to be the most legit non-comic-con exhibition of from-the-heart nostalgia pieces.
It's my MK1 Skeletank - available for $145.

Interestingly, before MOTU had the title it has now, the "Masters of the Universe" was going to be the moniker for Skeletors Henchmen. 

I also have a few pieces in my own town of Brighton (UK) at the Dynamite Gallery. A clear-yellow resin Treegarr, and an 8" prismatic glittered pink Bimmy (from Double Dragon - in case you're not a fan). You can buy them online here - http://dynamitegallery.com/collections/all-toys

 Death Adder.

22cm tall, posable, and fucking brutal. My continuation of my Golden Axe 5.5 series carries on. I didn't make him 5.5 because in a 5.5 universe he wouldn't be. He's bigger than everyone else. Dropping later this month - Every 3D printed figure will come with several gimmicked out resin thunder fists.

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