Saturday 3 November 2018

PAGAN - 5.5" Resin Action Figures from a world of the Darkest Fantasy.

The line I've been planning for 6 years has been released as a seperate brand for a few months now. Aside from the 3 main characters released so far, there is a new unique figure or variant released every single Monday.
I'm using every trick I know to make these the most playable, and unique MOTU-inspired line I can. Huge 3D printed accessories, pewter weapons, deluxe blister cards and affordable clamshell packs, chains, fabric, original sculpting, interchangavle heads, cauldrons, ruins - and that's only what's been created so far!

PAGAN is set at around 3000 BC. Although the magicks of Wizards and Priestesses mean that time is not a straight line. Some of the demi-gods of the PAGAN world venture into Christian times and prehistoric, to make use of weapons and beasts their enemies might not yet know.

Although there are no heroes as we understand in this world, there are protaonists more noble than others. Powaslayyve is the only character so far to make a name for himself using purely brute strength. Honorable in combat, and not yet sullied by the politics and scheming that results in so much dark magic and bloodshed of innocents.
Priestesses and Witches are to those seeking power as water is to a dying man. Indeed, behind every warlord is a coven or group of many women of great power. Whether it be poisons, charms, or future sight, these women command a powerful grip in the PAGAN world. 
It should be noted that this is not a toy line for those that are easily offended. Aspects of expolitation horror movies, black metal, and adult comics are liberated in this line. There are already plenty of vanilla barbarians out there - this is for people that were around for the gritty stuff in the 70s and 80s and want a toy line that goes as dark. 

There is already a selection based on the characters of the 1st series in store at

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