Tuesday 15 January 2013

Amongst the madness, Biotron drop.

I'm happy to say I've got enough projects now to fill every waking hour and not get bored. In fact if i could drop my dayjob securely, there'd be nothing stopping me doing 60 hours of toymaking a week which I would gladly do.

 We love other poeple's toys and all 3 of us work like maniacs so I won't use my favorite office term "IT'S A HOSTILE TAKEOVER" (yes I love sales, I'm an arsehole) but i'll be a monkey's uncle if the DisARTiculators' submission to the Clutter show didn't sell out online before anything else.
Zectron sculpts a minifigure over the course of weeks, for many many hours everyday. TruTek works like no other person I've ever met. Of people I know of in toys, I'd say the hardest working in terms of zero sleep, obsessive production over weeks, would be GodBeast, ManOrMonster, GoldDober, and TruTek. He's mental and an absolute inspiration. I in turn have been pulling 12s in the studio and have spent many hours on my  Break FIghters minifigure and am only about halfway.
 On the 25th, Rampage Toys' Tokyo store will open and it will be PACKED with Disarticulators toys! INcluding our Tiny Terrors From the Deep 3 pack with a sculpt from each of us. Take a look! http://man-e-toys.com/2013/01/12/man-e-xclusive-the-disarticulators-and-h-u-s-t-l-e-at-rampage-studios-full-reveal/
So honored to be part of this! Happy making!

First off, my stuff was exhibited this weekend at the Clutter Store in New York alongside that of my friends ManOrMonster and Galaxxor which was was it's all about, and it was on the same show as toy heroes like Sucklord. I'm so happy I make myself sick. To think some stuff I cast from my little Brighton flat was perused and probably slated by people I admire. Dreams....

I've got a MOTU project, about 5 minifig projects including 3 full scratch sculpts, and a LOT of casting coming.
I like to have the pot running when i'm in the studio - even if i'm sculpting. Seems like a waste not to cast stuff.


This is NOT A Clone O'Forms drop - just some fun. But should give some idea as to some of the looks that i'll be going for with this series!  Heeeee!!
I molded a hard-to-get 3" gashapon Biotron (or Robotman in Japan). Decided in the name of fun to sell 20 custom casts i'm playing with for a mere $12 each this weekend on my bigcartel. A nice new year pocket money treat in psychedelic colours. SOme have Blockman pilots inside. 80s sci-fi hell dream.

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