Saturday 5 January 2013

Clone-O-Forms, Clutter Show, and St-st-studiotime!

On top of the several DisARTiculator collabs and the 3 versions of Treegarr that are yet to be released to the world over the next few months, I've moved into a studio at,  and MicroBry and I (if you're a Micronauts fan with the internet you 99% certainly know who he is) are close to releasing CLONE-O-FORMS!

You might remember the mini Time-travller style "Micro-keshi" I made ages ago in small number. Well I wanted to do a better release with an alien. So I thought about kitbashing a Membros figure to keshi scale (1.5 - 2") but then I remembered how much involvement Bryan had with the Palisades release and had we got talking about re-booting some of his digital models. Within DAYS we had a render for an amazing Membros style minifig (we call Mem-loss) and within a few  weeks, his Micronauts-obsessed brain had churned out 3 new designs. All phenomenal minifigs. I'll be making a few molds of each just for starters as i'm sure it'll be needed.

The models he's printed so far are not the final versions but are pretty amazing already. My Time-Traveller will be part of the series cast in all new psychotropic colors with chrome plates donated by Gold-Dober!

Also, my piece for the Clutter (In)action figure show arrived ok. I had so much on and trust JFK's sorting office so little that I shipped it with no good photos taken. I'd rather post pics taken at the show. It's pretty cool! It's a special one time only BattleGAze/Treegarr Crossover 2-pack. My work is going to be alongside that of some of the top art-toy makers in the world! Not bad for year one!

I'll be back at the studio tomorrow. It's great to have space to not constantly be shitting my pants about knocking white spirit or whatever on the carpet as I have so little room. I carried a big wooden table from one side of the main street to the other on one shoulder to get my place set up. STRONG!
It's a nice set up. They've got a couple of cats and have a similar creative philosophy to me I think. I'll be spending a LOT of time there from now on.

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