Sunday 31 March 2013

Toys Are Us art show exclusives,Toycon UK, Galvanize Creative, Mystwarriors, and UNBOX!!!

Maybe we shouldn't blow all our beans at once but it's tough finding time to blog, so here's a big tough read!


Bigmantoys' grim beast of a post-apocalytpic 80s scrolling beat 'em up street-punk is debuting at two shows next weekend - An open colorway special advance drop will be happening at Toycon UK, and the day before at the Rockford Art Deli, there'll be a limited colorway of 4 acid edition Aboboids and 4 acid edition Saplings!

We've got LOADS going on for London Toycon (as part of the Disarticulators) but I'm very honored to be appearing the talent i'm such a big fan of at the Toys Are Us show.

There's the stuff for Rockford - hope it gets there!


Also it looks like it's safe to drop the news on some other collabs. Galvanize Creative is getting a run of 70s sci-fi inspired 4" figs made by bigmantoys. It's been in the making for a while and only now does it looks like the winds of fate are in our favor. Cold conditions in the studio and some shit that to be honest, has created legitimate white hairs on heads have f'd with production viciously. So we've moved stuff back in house, drilled, hammered, purchased etc to the point where the home studio should suffice, and the heavy workload can start unhindered.

Here's a little teaser of the head, undomed as of yet, which is also a farm. A lifetime of DNA has gone into this fig and it's going to be good seeing it done. To really fit in with it's 70s stylings, there will be real metal parts to the finished fig. It's Micronauts, Adventure People, Silent Running, Space Playmobil, and Palitoy Action Force all rolled into one.


Don't ask how a miscreant compulsive mast... Don't ask how Bigmantoys got involved with Unbox Industries, it's just happening. I think it's a sense of fun shared and a lack of cynicism (if only regarding toys) that would be the main ingredient to this action packed vinyl broth.

Yes vinyl. VINYL!!

The Disarticulators x Unbox are working on some sick vinyl stuff! Details are limited for now but the sculpting's begun. Go mental is the basic ethos of this series (or whatever it is) so that's what's happening. For toys and fun.

Unbox Treegarrs!

As we'll be at the Unbox table at Toycon, which is every bit a showcase as it is a place to buy stuff, it seemed like a good time to get some ideas did with the Treevil One that have been fatansised about for a long time - this is the Unbox Black Metal Collection. Made while listening to the Wolves in The Throneroom discography.


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