Wednesday 13 March 2013

Triple drop this month! Treegarr Saplings, Aboboid, and NUCLEARMAN~!


Ok, so you may be aware, on the minifigures side of things, I work in a trio with Zectron and Trutek as the collaborative group, the Disarticulators.

Here's our brand new collaborative blog!:

So far, we've got out awesome Tiny Terrors From the Deep 3 pack (coming to the internet shopper soon!) and Zectron's release figure for the Break Fighters series, Beard-fist, as well as the ridiculous masterpiece, Kesh-e-face.

Working with Zectron (sculptor of the Critter and Beardfist) is obviously a daunting task. His sculpting is among the best in the indie toy (art toy, bootleg, whatever you like to call it) scene. I might never be able to sculpt as clean as him. But I can sculpt like I can draw, and I draw mean and dirty! Beard-fist needs a big boss-level bad guy to fight. He needs...


...............ABOBOID (his belt buckle is a gamepad) !!!!!

Hyper mutated kidnapping street punk boss!! He'll smack your girlfriend on the ASS!!!
And taunt you about it!! (select button)

He is a mishmash of different scrolling beat 'em up influences. I've basically taken all the elements I like out of Final Fight, Double Dragon, Rival Turf, and Streets of Rage, and given them a slightly more modern twist. Think Abobo from Double Dragon meets Blanka (not scrolling, I know) and 50 Cent and mutate them into one.

 I asked around about this and the MOhawk vs NoHawk debate raged moderately for a day on Facebook. So I decided to include a Mohawk in the pack, to give people the option of glueing it on if they want one. This also allows for some sweet mixing of colors. Look at that....
I'm not a great painter so i've shipped a couple off to see what paint-pros can do with him. This is one of the ways I imagine him in full color.

I won't be the only person casting Aboboid. TruTek will be doing him too!

In the meantime, here are the EXCLUSIVE HYPER ACID HOLOGLITTER MARBLE editions you'll be able to pick up at the Rockford Art Deli's 'Toys are Us' show, put together by Killer Bootlegs man, Pete Wheatstraw goral.

They are going to appear alongside  the first of the new wave of Treegarr Saplings in the same exclusive colorway/

Them Saplings sold out so quick last time. And what with the HUGE turn in the evolution of Treegarr happening next month, I thought there should be many more Saplings to celebrate. These are the first of many. But only ones to ever be made in this colorway.


The first and limited deluxe edition of NUCLEARMAN will drop in about a week. He's largely inspired by alien fighting, steroid consuming, ass kicking FPS characters from the late 90s.
Let me tell you about this.

The first 10 will be flesh. There will only ever be 10 flesh, and they will all come with a deluxe, super swish crystal case with built-in diorama packaging and glittery night sky background. They house the figure beautifully and really fit the mood of the thing. The 90s brick texture, the barbed wire, the stainless steel walkway. This is a real complete package of kick ass!

These were HELL to make and I swear i'll never do it again! They took so many full evenings, I felt sick. Worth it to see it happen, but I won't want to make a habit out of it!


  1. Triple drop this month! Treegarr Saplings, Aboboid, and NUCLEARMAN~! you can buy this product???? My email

    1. Hi! I'll be releasing them all next month and will put updates here. You can buy some of these already at