Tuesday 21 May 2013

CRITTERS - LEGEND EDITION + 32 other figures dropping tomorrow!

22nd May @ 18:00 EDT!

!!!!! It's a minifigure blowout at the Bigmantoys store tomorrow. I have 8 all new minifig sculpts headed this way to start production on and needed to get all I could done before then - not to mention casting up my first kaiju - it's HUGE!

Critters, Saplings, Nuclearman, Biotron, it's been good, but it's time to say goodbye. These are all the figures I was able to bully out of the molds over the past few months. I'm dropping these now as I won't have time to for a very long time now. The Sapling's model is broken, so he will never be back in quite this form.

I've also added a nice freebie feature to the store to get the most out of your shipping ;)

Also, just for fun, I made an aluminum kinkeshiman bootleg and put it on e-bay.


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