Thursday 9 May 2013

Where are you, Bigman?

He's sculpting like a maniac! 3 tough sculpts to work on while waiting on other people's sculpts to get casting. SO yeah, sorry it's been quiet.

Got a handful of Bigmantoys stuff for sale via other people's shops:

The LAST Mechgarr is waiting for that SOLD OUT notice to pop up anytime now at

And while I'm waiting for Beardfist to get here so I can get casting him to fight Aboboid, there are 1-3 (I don't know) pre-release Aboboids in an exclusive cosmic colorway at:

Working form home again has been PARADISE! Warm house = everything works and dries quick.

Had a pretty tough time trying to put together my first proposed figure for Galvanize Creative and when I was left with no option but to start using toxic PU in my small flat with a cat in, that was the end of that. I've got a box of parts and some big molds that will get used down the line somehow. Luckily, we had a plan B which is a killer idea i've wanted to use for ages and I can't wait to sculpt and paint up each one. Believe me, the paint apps will make this one beast of a figure.

Additionally, I've been lucky enough to be included in a very special project with Unbox Industries. Can't say too much except I'm sculpting for my LIFE on this one. The other involved parties are the best in the minifig game without question.

Back to sculpting! See ya! 

Oh yeah, in case you're not a Micronauts fan, do be sure to keep an eye on Micronautshomeworld (link on the left) as he's cooking up one of the most serious production neo-vintage action figure projects of all time! ;)

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