Thursday 26 December 2013

I did an interview. I am producing a really nice minifigure for a movie, also. インタービューをしちゃった。ブルモンスターも発表します!

The art and toy website Art Whore Cult gave me a nice interview with lots of interesting questions. Here it is! I won't bore you with the same thing twice so read it if you feel like it :)

Also, I'm producing this hot sauce - the Bull Monster.

日本語でうまく説明できるかと知らないけど、簡単に言うと、ニューメクシコにすむネイティブアメリカンたちはナバ ホの古い話のアックション映画をつりたくて、金を黙るため、いろんなグッズを出します。あのフィギャーを粘土で僕に送って「好きに変わって、40か50を 作ってください」と言ったら、僕が腕を動けるため、モデルを少しかわって、プロダックションを始まった。 僕はBIGMANTOYSにとして売るわけじゃなくて、映画を買う人だけは玩具をボーナスで買える事になると思いますね。

This sculpt was sent to me by Robin Lasiloo who is involved in the production of the upcoming movie Monster Slayer Project. For ease of production and added coolness, I added articulation to the arms, which are Glyos compatible and look awesome on Glyan figs. Matt Doughty kindly gave his permission and spoke highly of Robin's sculpt!

In other 'news' the last ever Battlegaze figure sold from the Clutter gallery store. I have actually sculpted a new action figure with a knob but it's so disgusting I think if I do produce it, I might just send it to friends.

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