Thursday 23 January 2014

Burning Chop!! バーニングチョップ!

I've added a feed from my Instagram account at the top there to keep up to date on here via my new phone. I'm not the type to pay out so I really had to wait for a phone that can handle Instagram on my contract. I love it! :)


While I was casting the Bull Monsters, I started playing with Glyos fit-function joints by sculpting on top of joint hubs with Milliput. I was playing a lot of Fire Pro Wrestling on my phone at the time and remembered how awesome the quirky scale of the wrestlers was, and how cool it was to be able to customise them however you want.


I mailed Matt at Onell design and like the awesome little-guy-supporting legend he is, he gave me his blessing to go ahead with this. I'm totally thrilled at how well it's working out!

グリオスをデザインしたMATT DOUGHTYと言うインディフィギャーの神様に「僕もグリオスと使えるフィギャーを作らせて」と聞いてOK!と言われた。ナイスガイだよ、彼!

What good is making plastic toys if you can't make exactly what you want?!


So yeah, I've been going crazy having fun with this. Like Wo-man, it's something I did totally based on my own taste, not worrying too much if it sells, but I'm really pleased to find out a lot of people like and 'get' it. The interchangability with Glyos brings all my toy worlds together, giving the potential for weird alien/sci-fi wrestling characters. There's going to be hundreds!
I'm working on a female buck, a fatter body, and different boot typed at the moment. Hopefully should have something to offer by the end of the month!

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