Thursday 27 March 2014

Fröstkronna!! The 2nd 5.5 collab from Galaxxor+ Bigmantoys!

I'll be upping some snaps of the forthcoming alpha release of Burning Chop this weekend, but first it's time to reveal BMT and Galaxxor's Frostokronna. Check out Galaxxor's blog for the details here:

I always enjoy working with Ben. He's one of those people that simply likes to help and has a very non-cynical fun-driven approach to making toys and helping others do the same. I'm really blown away with how he once again took something where it was tough to see another dimension to it, and dramatically re-invent it once again. The choice of colorway for this femme space-barbarian is of course a homage to Frostkron based on my Wo-man buck, with Ben's Space barbarian helmet, casted of course by TheGodBeast. The reds and yellows jumping off the beautifully glossed and glittered bod, and the super sci-fi colored axe are really cool.

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