Friday 25 July 2014

Gilius from Golden Axe? Oh yeah, I made him.

If you're kind enough to read my blog, sorry I don't give as much time to it these days. I suppose it's gotten to that point where I'm doing bigger stuff and so the time it takes to get that satisfaction you first get when you pop a mold open and feel a desperate need to share what you made with the world gets longer and longer. Not that I'm complaining. The tricks I've been shown over the past couple of years mean that there really are very few limits to what I can produce now except for time.

My obsession with Golden Axe (and I am no hipster on this - Ive played scrolling beat 'em ups non stop since 1987!!) is kind of taking over. Getting MAME running on my phone with a clip-on joypad has really got me looking forward to long journeys.

As soon as BAttlebeak (Chicken Leg) was done, I had people asking about doing Gilius (the dwarf!) and I had this image of a very D+D style 5.5 dwarf with joints that allow it to sit atop a mount. Now the problem with resin, especially most of the stuff we get here in the UK, is that it's prone to wearing easily. 
 I don't use anything toxic. So that rules out a few products but I've found something that never wears. It's weird to work with. Tough to cut neatly and weird to sand but for the nice basic torso shape, works pretty good.
The limbs are ball-jointed and I made them using a weird trick I thought up and can't believe works.

I'm really happy with the sculpt. It's exactly how I wanted it to come out. I did most of it in castilene and I'm totally sold on it as the best material for detail. I might never go back to putty given how durable and easy to use this stuff is.

I'm probably going to drop this in about a week. If it looks like people are digging the project, I'll probably start working on Death Adder or something.

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