Sunday 3 August 2014

GILIUS and CHICKEN LEG in store NOW! Golden Axe action figures in tha' houuuussseee!

Sorry to anyone who checks this blog first. Really my Instagram feed at the top is the most up-to-date thing.

 After a  day of casting/whatever, my brain is poopied and I tend to forget little things like announcing drops etc. Anyway, you can now pick up my 5.5" Gilius dwarf, Chicken-Leg and the thief minifigure, all separately at You haven't missed out. Still got just under half the quota of the original colorway Chicken Legs left, and most of the Gilius' (Guiliusses? Giliii?). I've only limited the colorways based on how long the mold is likely to last. I want to do at least 10 in experimental colorways/custom casts. Just depends how many shots I've got in the molds!

Barely advertised so still got some stuff left. I can't wait for people to get them. Really proud of what I've produced here! Seriously can't stop playing with these months after making the steed.

Man, Blogspot's being a doofus today. I don't know HTML and don't feel I should have to learn it to get my pics to go where I drag 'em.

Golden Axe action figures!! I still can't get over it! I'd take them to work if they weren't so big and conspicuous.

Right, got a little bit of finishing to do and tomorrow I start shipping out.

Thanks to everyone that's bought one so far! Exceeded expectations, especially on the Chicken Legs side. Now to get on with the 4th issue of Mystical Warriors of the ring!

Been a weird old couple of months. So busy it's hard to keep track of what's going on. Then some mornings on less busy days, I walk into my resin room and realise I've made a shelf full of dwarves and beasts that I'm about to ship out to collectors around the world. Pretty nice!

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