Thursday 2 October 2014


It's back. For good!

They'll be available Sunday, right here:


These are articulated 5.5 action figures with accessories (yet to be revealed), with an astute focus on cocks/dicks. The universe and backstory is well established, and supporting artwork and literature will all be revealed over the coming weeks. 

Last month, I took all I had left of the original BattleGaze figures to Berlin, so I could spend a few days with Goodleg Toys.  We re-vamped the ideas, sculpts, and made molds with all new tooling and finishing to produce the figures that I didn't have the knowhow/time to, 3 years ago.

Even though I came up with the backstory and did the original sculpts, the look and quality of the figures is all thanks to the eye and knowhow of Goodleg Toys.

 WHY?!  WHY?!  WHY?!

There are lots of reasons Goodleg Toys and I wanted to do this. The main one being that the toys actually make us laugh out loud upon seeing them. The accessories and gimmicks that will be revealed on release simply flip on the fun-switch in my brain. It's a full commitment to the stupid ideas you have as a kid that make you laugh. Like the dirty cartoons that gave us poops and bogeys (British for "boogers) - the joke isn't funny until you make it real. And this is as real as it gets!

My favorite movie is Flesh Gordon II. I like intelligent humor, and it takes a lot of intelligence to do stupid humor right.

To summarise for our art-toy friends:
 It's a fucking big dick on a really well made action figure that looks kind of like He-man! Or if you prefer, it's a commentary on a fucking big dick on a really well made action figure that looks kind of like He-man!

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