Saturday 12 December 2015

Shapeways store is open! Puppet MUSCLE exclusive variants available NOW!

After handling the first batch of Fake Baron and Puppet MUSCLE test-shot 3D prints from Shapeways, I realised that even the more affordable plastic is not only really durable, but also provides good detail. Not as super sharp as the prototypes I use for casting rubber minis, but if the sculpt was is given deeper etching and less bitty details like shoelaces, and small locks of hair, they come out great.

Action-pose Leech-woman and Tunneler are available right now!


So here's a chance to offer collectors (including myself!) the best of both worlds - I'll still be producing MUSCLE-style rubber keshi with super high details on the sculpts, but there will also be the option to go to my Shapeways store and pick up variants and exclusive figures that have been modified to look great in lower resolution flexible plastic
Details like the protruding leech which are almost impossible to accomplish with a two part mold.


As a collector myself of most minifigure lines, I like the classic pose of MUSCLE figures and the durability of rubber (and the fact I can send rubber toys overseas at little cost to the customer), looking at figures like Brownoise's Ashurashine, there's no getting around the fact that the lack of need to make a mold means the structure and pose of the figures is limitless. Some people just prefer MIMP and Gormiti with all their variety, and dynamic poses, which are often tough or impossible to replicate with a silicone mold. Also, the colours on these bad-boys are gorgeous.
Cyber-pinhead is available now!


In case you're not too familiar with this, my 3D models are uploaded to Shapeways. They will create the figures to order for the customer, and the price is based on their work, material volume, and a tiny mark-up on my end. Shapeways will make the figure, and deliver to you either from North America or Europe, depending on where you are. Orders normally take about 10 days to make and ship via UPS. It works the same way as any online store :)
I was expecting these to be brittle and feel cheap. I've dropped them a ton of times, flexed the limbs a little, and can tell you these are sturdy! Definitely more toy than model!

... All the pics in this blog are the actual products you can get from Shapeways. As I shift more and more to digital sculpting, the exclusives in this store will expand and I'll try as always to find ways to keep them as affordable as possible.

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