Tuesday 10 November 2015


Fake Baron Keshi AND Puppet MUSCLEs  are in my store now.

 I'm massively satisfied with the project for 2 reasons - It's doing well, and it's my first run of figures I've sculpted digitally and cast off a 3D print. Being highly self critical, unless I spend crazy hours on something, I'm never sure if I've done a good job. I wasn't even going to make Treegarr until Ben Spencer (Galaxxor) encouraged me to.

... but I just love these figures. I would buy them!!

The limited neon run of Tunneler and Blade are very low in number now, and the flesh variants I'll keep doing until the molds die.

 Sculpting digitally is the most exciting move I've made since buying a pressure pot and learning how to cast nicely. It really gets your imagination pumping when you know what you can do. 3D printing has become awesome and affordable already. I love it!
 Being able to sculpt with CTRL+Z as an option is awesome. I'm sure there are many that would argue that it takes the "soul" out of it. But to be frank, some of the most artistically accomplished indie toys I've seen have had no love given to them, because they weren't pitched quite the right way, or they didn't get endorsed by the right people. I feel like going digital has given me freedom to work in more ways, and do more with the sculpts - print them in different scales/ materials, edit them, and so on. The term "art" in art-toys is thrown around willy nilly anyway. Popularity schlopuratity. Making what I want and people buying it anyway is the best reward I can hope for.

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