Sunday 11 June 2017

Maniac Cop posable resin statues.


He's in-store now at
Just $75 for a fully painted deluxe version, and $39 for a blank.
I had a really good time at Toycon this year. Got to meet up with my old mates and get to know some new ones better. Regardless of my stance on the whole custom Dunny thing, credit where it's due - the art was excellent.

Also got reminded how fickle the whole bootleg art toy scene is. You're only as good as your last gimmick a lot of the time so I thought eff it, I'm going to sculpt Maniac Cop.
 Matt Cordell has been done before by the likes of Homemade Horror and another very rare 12" resin kit I've seen around. I wanted to make my own version, not quite as literal to the movie, but more cartoonish - kind of like something from Monster Squad or Scooby Doo.
 He took me about a solid working week to sculpt, including base. I've represented every detail - from the zippers and buttons, to numbers on his badge and name-badge.
The deluxe version is polished and painted to the max, with 3 points of magnetic articulation. I'm only making 5 of these. After that, he'll be only available in kit form, for people who like to sand and paint their own.

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