Monday 2 October 2017

Re-attaching the creative nerve endings.

If you're one of the 300 or so people with a vested interest in garage toy makers, you may have noticed my complete abscence from toy blogs, and little posted on social media.
A few things have happened. I've got a day job in the games industry. I'm not working as an artist but as an admirer of the craft, it's quite cool talking with people who've worked on games I've spent a lot of time playing myself. BUT it's a proper bloody job. I can't fuck about. Just as when someone gives me money for a toy, I owe them 100%, I have to give back to this company. I'm not the best sculptor, or the best producer but I like to think Bigmantoys had a work ethic that gave it a degree of "success".

So I made that Maniac Cop statue and went quiet. Other massive personal changes have attacked my free time. I know full well I could just glue a Trump head to a Ninja Turtle, fart out some resin copies, and get covered on all the hipster websites but its an unfun game when its that easy.

I've got money saved up for the first time. I have pitched, got very close, and failed to design and mass produce a few licenses I love. I'm in talks for more. I don't know which if any will work, but I can guarantee it'll be something I would collect for the price.

In the meantime, my minimal profit Shapeways shop is keeping the pulse going with regular releases, exploiting the strengths of the 3d printed medium.

Last week was s full color range of Mortal Kombat and Double Dragon minis.
Much more to come.

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