Friday 18 May 2018



 I've been full time toy making for two months now. Enjoying the process of brushing up all the crafts involved in toymaking without a real goal. Making one-offs is fun and can pay the bills but I have really missed building on something.

I worked out that I've had about 60 releases since I started and something like 40 original sculpts. I like all toys which means I had made figures in almost every scale and material.
 BMT HARDCORE is a format of 60mm tall thick SD rubber keshi. I plan to release every original character I've ever created as well as completely re-sculpt some of the stuff I kitbashed or even bootlegged in the early days of Bigmantoys.
This is me taking everything I've learned in the past 5 years and putting it all into one epic line.
The figures are digitally sculpted, 3D printed, copied in wax, re-sculpted by hand, and finally cast in indestructible PU rubber.

The header cards are spray painted stencils on cardstock. Everything from Zbrush to putty to spray paint comes together to make these. It's my proudest output so far and with the workflow I'm using, I'll be able to keep bringing out new releases.
 Rather than a random splurge of casting, these figures will have limited runs of each colour so that as the line continues, people will know exactly how many of everything is out there, and how possible it is to get a complete collection. I don't just want the sculpts to be awesome, I want people to have holy grails from the line for their collection
 What's even cooler is that I have already agreed on incorporating several characters from the lines of other indy toy companies (ones you will know and love) into the line.

An expanded universe of BMT and the coolest other lines out there all in the same format.
Finally, these are going to be affordable!
There's no paying 3rd party licences, gallery or convention expenses. These are made 100% by me in my little studio in England.
All you're paying for is the toy!

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