Saturday 14 April 2012

Some great TGB CUSTOMS and fancy plans for my posable M.U.S.C.L.E.

TGB CUSTOMS: C2E2 Glyos Voss Granthan Kabuto Mushi & Leo Armorv...

Going to get my stuff sorted and post some decent pics on here of latest stuff using my girlfriend's PC sometime this weekend. Just thought i'd share something pretty great. TGB's casting of MUSCLE toys a couple of years ago was one of the first things that inspired me to endorse in a pot of silicone. Since i've re-discovered micronauts, the craftmanship and perfectionism of Gold Dober also makes me keep on trying to keep better little by little.
In terms of pure aesthetic and execution though, these are just insane. Look at 'em! So schmexy!

POSABLE MUSCLES - in urethane, it just aint happnening. The ball joint are far too brittle. I was in the bath last night and had eureka moment - magnets! I'm going to try the idea out this weekend. A lot of little toys have die cast or pewter parts where plastic wouldn't hold up.In the same way magnos use bespoke screws with rounded heads to give plastic limbs a metal ball joint of sorts, i can't see why doin the same in smaller scale wouldn't work, with a very strong magnet cast in the little MUSCLE body.

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