Sunday 29 April 2012

I promise this is the last lame entry i'll write.

I'm selling more stuff to buy a new PC tomorrow! Not having access to download stuff, fast broadband, and being unable to upload pics of my new creations is not good for my creative flow. I know having a good PC wouldn't seem to matter much when making toys but I want to make videos, design header cards, and all that stuff. It keeps me thinking about the toys and what I can do with them.
I'll miss my old PC. It's a huge gaming beast i shipped back from Japan. BIOS just went bad one day. Tried a new hard drive and everything but no dice. Graphics card is built in so no joy there in terms of salvagability.
A few more BattleGaze then i'm calling it quits on production until we've got a few episodes and promos under our belt. No point selling a designer toy no one knows anything about.
Blockmen baby, thats where it's at.

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