Tuesday 24 April 2012

Time to get rocking again.

Been really busy the past few weeks selling off a lot of my old wrestling figure collection as I need the space and money, and spent four brilliant days on a canal boat for my best mate's stag-do. Too much fun. Good to be reminded I do have a capacity to be happy when not surrounded by arseholes.
On that note, money's good, space is better and am about to make big casts for lots of blockmen and associated accessories. Also been sculpting some new keshi when there's nothing else to do. I do like my BattleGaze but they're just so pricey to make, I can't justify it until I know people are likely to buy them. As cool as they are, I need space and you can have too many cock shaped aliens in your house.
Also thinking more about Micronaut casting in general. Since learning the ways of the compressor, i've realised just how much you can do with resins - with Golddober as the best example of all round toycrafting, you can do almost anything.
Still no good PC of my own - I believe good pictures to be very important when it comes to making your stuff look good. If all I have is a bunch of waffle and a few rubbish pics, why would anyone be interested in what i'm doing?
On a plus note, I  got some ricockulously good hauls on e-bay this month. For almost no money at all, these incredibly mismatched colour abortion Mexican Starriors Bootlegs!

Then, just when I thought it was safe to put my wallett away, someone put this Palisades lot on UK e-bay at a crazy price. I bought it within hours of being listed. It came with all in this pic, plus 3 red falcon variants. Good times.

Don't know much about this push down and go bike but it says it's made in the UK. Fits 3 3/4 figs. I had two of these when i was a kid and loved them a lot. We used to have some awesome bootleg-style toys produced in the UK in the eighties. Shame that all died out.
Last but not least, MY FIRST GLYOS. Someone actually had some available here in the UK. The postage from the States so far has put me off buying but i'm so glad I did. Plan to make a few custom heads for these bad boys.

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