Friday 17 August 2012

Final Acrozombie going on E-bay for charity auction.

 It's been a wile since I said I'd be selling the final Acrozombie, the one of a kind and very special "Diazombie". The head sculpt is one of a kind. I got one pull out of the mold before it died on me - there will never be another, and I like it a lot.

 It might be the best figure I've ever made. It's fully posable with all joints fitting snug and correctly, and is made of a very solid urethane. It's handmade so it's not perfect, but it is not only the last Acrozombie available, but completely one of a kind and will include three custom cast solid Blockmen, to allow for multiple variations. I haven't yet made a Blockman mold that gives me flawless results, but these are snug on every peg and hole and can totally be used for Takara building goodness.

I really didn't want to sell it but did consider making it a charity auction before, and today I saw that our favourite charity: Lost Cats Brighton is in real trouble. They run it out of their own pockets and what donations they get, and it's also where our cat Fudge came from. We owe them and it's time to do what we can. I read that Ron who runs the charity has suffered two heart attacks this year busting his hump to help the cats they look after.
Thanks to them we can wake up with heavy cat on our face every morning. So Diazombie will be going on e-bay this weekend. I'm working on packaging for him now, but if I can't get something that looks good enough done in time, I'll sell him as is. It needs to be done quickly.

If you happen to feel like helping out additionally, you can Paypal them donations via their website linked above. As a one off figure, all it could accomplish is being something awesome in someone's collection and putting a few quid in my pocket. This way it can be an awesome collector's item, and help our friends at Lost Cats.



  1. "Thanks to them we can wake up with heavy cat on our face every morning." hahahaha! Good luck with the auction!

    1. Thanks mate! I was pretty proud of that line :)