Friday 3 August 2012

Something MOTU this way comes...

From making Battlegaze, I learned how to make posable figures in the MOTU scale. I had fun with the gag, but now it's time to get serious.

 I've spent a LOT of time concepting this figure and I will not be taking any shortcuts with sculpting and production. I'm actually making something I wanted as a kid and never thought I'd have the means to make. It's actually based on real fears I had and a toy which genuinely scared me. I didn't even let it stay in my room at night...

Fright Zone - that's really the only clue. I will be double checking with aficionados on MOTU all the way, on the final look until it's done. Then it will be ready. I've been convinced this figure is worth making, and I totally believe it to be so.

Here's the scoop at Nerdcity - with pics! 

...and now here at Man-E-Toys, too! :)

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