Sunday 6 May 2012

Araiiight! Keshis, fleshys, and... freshies?

Last run of Jumbo-Kaggra Keshis - get 'em in any colour you want!

You might not be a wrestling fan, but even still, these are badass keshis by any collector's tastes. Jumbo-Kaggra was the 2nd wrestler to wear the Kaggra mask and wrestles/d mostly in the UK. These keshi were available for a very short while online and have since been sold off at wrestling shows. The mold has about 20 or so more good pulls in it before it's scrapped. They cost 5 pounds each and postage overseas is 3 pounds standard (no guarantee) and 8 pounds with tracking. Let me know if you're interested and i'll even cast and hold onto one for you for when i've got a few more keshi made up (to make shipping outside UK worth your while) :)

apo style Spartan Women of Mars (or whatever)
Yeeears ago, I read a book called Gladiatrix about a Spartan woman who was forced to be a gladiator. This is basically what I pictures. Yeah, whatever, i'm a pervert. Anyway, should anyone want a custom cast (any colour combo of figure, sword and stand) let me know. Also happy to paint one up or customise any way you for not much money at all!
Last but not least is my work so far on fish-man number 1. I plan to make a 4-5 pack of sea based monsters to  sell as a set. Gotta keep sculpting. That's what got me into this.

Oh yeah, i've got a computer! A good one! and for REAL cheap! I can finally put pics up in decent resolution etc..
"No Takara" I hear you say? Just need one more blockman so I can make the mold that will start the project in earnest. Not long now and expect insane header cards/artwork etc :) It's the thing i'm most excited about.

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