Thursday 26 July 2012

Sculpting with wax (from a Babybel!) - who'da known?

Ok, so calling what I did here "sculpting" would be generous. More like a fiddle around while on my lunch break at work with a toothpick. Just to see what working with wax felt like.

I've heard of sculpting with wax. I always thought it must be purely reductive - as in hacking away until you have what you want shape wise, with no ability to build up. I've read it's how Matt Doughty works and I know used modellers wax when making their Remco wrestler repros and Marty Hansen has mentioned using it too.

This is wax from a six pack of Babybel (little wheels of cheese). Someone told me just as i was about to bin it, that you can use it for modelling. I made a Glyos-styley guy and a little robot dog with a toothpick, and rolled various pens on it for texturing. I might actually start using it for head sculpts - especially with MOTU heads - might give it that poorly defined  but nicely smooth "vintage" look.

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