Tuesday 17 July 2012

TRULY clear clear figures!

 Clear resin = clear resin right? I can understand the value in glossing opaque, but I couldn't have envisioned the absolute magic you get if you gloss clear resin - it practically doubles the translucency!!

It was on the advice of Gold Dober who is the person who inspired me enough to endorse in a compressor and a pot in the first place. The refractions are stunning! Soooo smooth! I'll be revealing my new project this week and it's going to KILL! I'm working with two very talented people on it.

 I will be glossing EVERYTHING from now on! The TT pictured here will be available to buy soon. I'm working on making a simple little Paypal shop. It's a piece of piss with Dreamweaver and domains don't cost much these days :)

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