Wednesday 28 March 2012


The moulds are done - all machinery is primed and ready, and next monday, a fresh supply of resins, and a decent PC to upload decent pics, design header cards etc, will be in place.
A test run of 10-20 figures will be produced - 4 different characters all varying somewhat, all unique.

Any suggestions for colours, styles etc, you'd like to see would be much appreciated!!! :)

Yesterday's pic is a “proof of concept” figure. It was made almost entirely lasy night, once the moulds were finished. It’s not a pure BG figure – It has borrowed Spikor’s left arm for the sake of having a picture taken, and is made from crappy fibre-glass whereas the real deal will be urethane (much smoother, more robust).

For the time being, the lore of Battle Gaze, the hype, and design artwork can be seen at:


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