Monday 19 March 2012


(It's a Queen song)
With massive MASSIVE thanks to my friend Austin, I am pressure casting. I'm sitting with my first ever pull in perfectly clear resin and i'm breathing like people breathe when they're watching rude videos. WOW!! HAHAHA!
Also, I recieved some wonderful items from Austin today. He's an absolute gent and anyone who knows me personally will know I don't say that for many people.
I'm actually home, sick as an old arse today - I believe I burned myself out last week making the molds for the BATTLE GAZE figs. THAT PLASTER IDEA WASN'T GOOD!- Maybe ok for very large simple mouds but not medium size complex 2 parters. They all seem fine save for the most important - the lower body. There is no way i'm paying for a kilo of silicone just to make sure the knob is attached to the hips, so i've removed it, and will be adding it to the mold, to stick on after. It won't look quite as good with clear casts but it'll have to do.
Well, I still have to soundproof my compressor somewhat and re-make the BG lower body section's mould, but apart from that, I believe we are rocking.
Also, the mould I have in front of me is a M.U.S.C.L.E. project that is bloody exciting. A mould I made over a year ago and haven't had a decent pull form until now. :)

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