Friday 9 March 2012

Phone only blogging now!

To be perfectly fair  even though it takes a little longer,  it's a lot of fun and with no computer, I can work on my toys more. By the end of this weekend, I will have my first prototype of a very cool f figure which I plan to make a lot of as a lot of people are interested in buying already. Plus I've hot my best mate who happens to be a media master by profession,helping with promo.
It's going to be a motu style figure that I imagine some hardcore fans might not like but all I can say is I love my motu just fine and believe in being original and having a sense of humor at all costs. I got beat up at school for not compromising and it paid off in the long run. If  you don't  count my job and lack of all round satisfaction with things.
Seriously though you can't do anything worthwhile without pissing someone off. And the good will definitely outweigh the bad.

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