Saturday 3 March 2012

Howdya do?

Hello - this is something i've been hoping to be able to commit to for a few years and have only now found the time.
I'm not a "crazy guy" (no drugs, nothing like that) but am considered a bit of an eccentric and have put a lot of my lifetime into pursuits like making music and masked pro-wrestling. I've had to slow a lot of stuff down to try and make real money at work and get myself sorted financially. This means I spend a bit more time at home, which means a bit more time spent making toys. It seems like a good time to start bashing out ideas i've had for a long time and seeing where I can go with them. I've attached a few pictures of my old customs/casting etc. 
Pressure pot is here and compressor is on it's way so i'll finally be able to start producing what I feel are really good ideas. these days, i'm very influenced by the versatility and aesthetic of the scifi toys by Takara/Mego; Micronauts/Microman. I think scifi is coming full circle and it's not just nostaliga - you see something like an 80s robot or a kaiju and it looks so fresh compared to most of the constantly rehashed ideas of the last 15 years or so. All grey with cogs and pipes everywhere is ok but seeing as this is our imagination, why not have it full of beautiful colours, translucent, chrome, whatever looks good. 

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