Thursday, 8 March 2012

"It'll never happen to me"

I like to call it "bareback internet". Enjoyng maxinmum use of my CPU and bandwidth by having minumum security. I'd been doing it or years and now i've been caught out. PC gone spazmo at BIOS. Never though i'd be the guy who couldn't even startup in safe mode. Using a dying old laptop. Will never go bareback again God, I promise. Typing that last sentence, I managed to dislodge my (d,e,_g) key. I'll make this short.
I've got 2 big projects going on. One is a Takara Sf (using a toothpick to press the f) project that will be more to my toy friend's tastes. The other is something my "homies" and I think is completely hilarious and I plan to have a lot o' joy with. 
In case you're very interested in the latter mentioned one, you could google "riversiderambo" to find the comedy blog I do with my old chum.

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