Monday 7 May 2012

5mm 4 LIFE!

My friend Fred Yee is probably the most prolific operator of the 5mm port system used by Takara toy lines. I picked up an awesome motorised vehicle with a spinning drill today from a pound shop. It was made by the legendary "NEW BOY" toy company! Hahaha! Their logo looks like Bandai and I guess they thought it sounded similar maybe? Anyway, the toy's a quality product. Reminds me of motorised Zoids. I sat down with a box of 5mm parts while watching TV and made this. No screws, tape, nothing. Nice to incorporate things into the microverse. The Time Traveller on top is a custom I made I call the "Blood Traveller". An undead evil TT that lives off the blood of his victims.

P.S. Awesome Battle Gaze fig coming within couple of days. My best by miles so far.:)

BANDAI?! F that S! NEW BOY is where it's at!!

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