Saturday 19 May 2012


Today is quality time with girlfriend day so I won't be doing any more work until tomorrow but I thought I'd share the quite imperfect first pull (need to cut  a couple more holes in the cast) of my Acro-zombie parts cast. This is one of 3 heads I've part sculpted and you might notice some changes in the detail of the Armroid bod. Obviously, I didn't make the arms or wings - mine aren't done yet.
Behold the Birudo-Ray. A 50s style ray gun base with 2 5mm ports and 2 5mm pegs for maximum adaptability. Put 2 together, you've got a rifle, etc. Will be working on this all week for fun times.
BATTLE GAZE will be continuing too, now my partner in crime is back to start on the cartoon with me :)

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