Wednesday 16 May 2012

Concept "art" for one of 3 SICK new Takara projects.


I've spoken about these before but they will be sick! Honestly, a little encouragement and I can work all day to get something done, as long as I know the end result is worth it - and this most definitely WILL be!

Acro Zombie mk.1 should be ready within a week. I am already sculpting the accessories and tweaks to make this beast, that will come in very snazzy deluxe packaging, and loaded with extra parts such as the multi 5mm port "Build Ray" I'm working on which will allow you to make your own custom 50s sci-fi blaster, jetpack, whatever.

I won't give too much away right now, but here's a sketch I did quickly to give some idea of the aesthetic I'm going for. Expect my best stuff yet, and I hope I'm not over ambitious in my hope, a real extra addition to Takara SF customizability

Also, the Blockman project is about to go postal with a masochistic labour of love I intend to start involving literally scores of Blockmen. It might kill me but the pics will last forever.

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