Sunday 13 May 2012

Takara time! Day one!

Right, so I've got no more BattleGaze figures to make for at least a month and by that time, I should be in my new place with a GARAGE!! :D

At the moment, you are looking at about a third of my current workspace. My compressor and pot and jammed under my PC desk.

For now, I'm making a start on the Blockman project. The more I think about what you can do with the Takara 5mm port system, the more ideas come to me and I spend a lot of time at work, jotting down ideas. This is potentially the best idea for a project I've ever had in terms of longevity, variety, and do-ability. Armroid is my fave figure in the classic Micronauts line. Mainly for its B-movie look and the fact that everything on it is 5mm. Such a simple idea that works so well. So simple in fact, there's nothing stopping me sculpting  new parts, casting old, and continuously building on the idea. I could make a completely new robot or two everyday! New heads, colour variations, etc. Everytime I think of a new character, 90% of the work would be done already, then it's a case of sculpting a new bit, and casting the appropriate parts in the colour I want.
 I've got some great plans which I can't wait to build on. GITD skull encased in a translucent Acroyear head - Acroskull!
Messed up colour scheme Acroyear/Armroid hybrid - Damn Acroid!
Plus, making every head I can find in my toybox with a 5mm peg should be fun. I'm also incorporating the Gats Blocker into the project.
Just started this in earnest today. So much more fun than casting giant expensive chunks of He-Man body.

Of course, the Blockman project will be going into hyper drive as part of this. Here are a few bits I've come up with in the experimental stage. It's all about the colour for me! Soon I'll have enough official Blockmen to make a big old cast so I can make batches in identical colours!
Also, I've had a couple of people who've been kind enough to get interested in taking the last few JumboKaggras to be made, off my hands. Got a request for a blood red one and came up with this - the clear paint gives a very nice depth to the sculpt where it sinks in the grooves of the mask etc.


  1. Your blockman look great. Looking forward to what you do with them. You and I are thinking along the same lines with the Giant Acroyear Armroids. Filled with 5mm sweetness. That's all I will say about it now.

    1. Agreed! I think I remember seeing a pink bootleg armroid that either Bryan or Adam had before I joined the group that I thought looked very tasty! Might have to get some neon powder and see what I can do with that! :)