Monday 28 May 2012

Private Pump v.1 and new logo work!

Hey Heyyyyy! Ever worry that your kid doesn't have enough male role models to look up to? Do not fear! Private Pump - the leader of the BattleGaze is finally here FOR YOU!
Sporting a snug silver space suit and a masculine defensive pink spiky body armour, which compliments his deep crimson translucent skin, speckled with green glitter, and heart-shape emblazoned raspberry beret - he's ready for anything!
This version cums with a clear biondick left arm - giving him a firm grip on anything that cums his way!

Private Pump.... A man's man!

And as if that wasn't enough - the Phallic Phenomenon or art and dick that is BattleGaze, has even found it's contagious cocktastic  collaborative concept inspiring the mind and fingertips of Oxygen Timebomb's Alex. just take a look at what he knocked up completely freehand given a few minutes of spare time! Check out the site for all your insanely skilled typographical needs.

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