Wednesday 27 June 2012

Acro-Zombies. 2 days to go! Pricing and packaging, and another amazing addition to the Microverse!

Providing what's in my pot, being pressurised by my shite old compressor (which I plan to replace after this project) comes out ok, That will be the final few parts I need to finish the project.

I've had to ask a couple of friends who make and sell toys too, what they think a fair price would be. I have a very different concept of money to many people. I've never had very much, and don't pay very much for stuff. Accordingly, I expect other people to be the same way.
I just wrote a huge post and deleted it.
Here's the crack; it's going to be limited to ten figures. Not because I don't like making toys, or I want to charge loads because they're "super-rare", or I can't be bothered. I'm happy in the extreme to be making something that could fit into a Micronauts collection. Posable, in scale, and interchangable (ish - not everything is bang on 5mm).  It's just that bad resin supply ruining my molds the first time, followed by bad silicone supply making bad molds the second time, seem to be a sign that ten is the number.

My girlfriend and I will be working on the packaging today and tomorrow ( I can't cut card, and can't do geometry). It's going to look awesome - and I'm highly self critical.

Regardless of the crippled grind of the past ten days work... SQUEEEEEE!!!!

Also, coincidentally almost simultaneous to this release is the new figure by the don of fully posable resin figure production, and Micronauts man extraordinaire, Gold Dober. This is made all by one man, from scratch. I think his work is amazing and it's why I bombard him with so many mails. As far as I can tell he's not a designer figure scene kind of guy. He simply makes amazing new figures based on Micronauts lore, with all the same joints, and articulation. I'm kind of happy I'll be releasing something into the Microverse at around the same time! Check it out!

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