Friday 8 June 2012


Fresh out of the pot are two new Keshi made by yours truly - they have names and back stories and I just need to make the header car for one of them. Really happy with my sculpting on the robot guy. I read an interview about how Galaxxor was made. 8 months of sanding! So I sanded my arse off for a few days- and came up with a pretty sharp looking fig - even if I do say so myself. Takara fans will recognise the element I kitbashed.
I haven't got a decent pull of him yet as I need to cut more airholes in the mold, but I went with a very 80s mech look, with hints of Kinnikuman thrown in. I spent a loooooong time on it.
I know the steamers are riconculously big on (what the f, who actually reads this - her names BattleBride, no suspense needed) this chick.
 There are 2 reasons: 1) I wanted to get the shape right and have enough room to texture the torn dress. 2) I put giant tits on everything.

So by next wednesday - expect these, and my Micro-keshi to be available to buy :)

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  1. You can bump into those from across the street! Who CANT look at those and smile. :~)