Friday 1 June 2012

Takara stuffs and goodbye Jumbo-Kaggra (keshi).

 HOT DOG am I every happy as flip with what just came out of my pressure pot! About four months ago, I kitbashed together a M.U.S.C.L.E. style Micronaut Time Traveller (or a TT style MUSCLE - depending on how you look at it). I sucked at mold making, and before I even got my compressor through in the post, the mold was chewed up and I had no decent pulls.
I just re-made the mold (with 50% recycled silicone from old molds) and as I'm casting some flesh keshi (keshi being the small eraser-style toys you get in Japanese vending machines) I thought I'd pump out a flesh colour TT-Keshi too. I love it and i'm not painting it! It's not even sanded and looks good. There's a bit of black on his cheek and chest as I used stained latex gloves unwittitngly but I do love this figure.
That's a Blockman pilot next to him. I have a bag of these as I line them up in molds to act as sprue. Thank you Fred - a bag full of them will be heading your way shortly
I'm working on one other Takara-keshi. at the moment. It's pretty cool I think.:)

 Also in the same pull is the re-sculpt of the build-ray. This one i'm happy with. As you can see from the new one (top pic, pink), I've taken the original (below pic), added come features, and with dremel, scalpel, and a bit of putty sculpting, made it WAY smoother and more detailed. I looked at the original and then at the Glyos on my desk and actually felt like a cack-handed four year old. I'm proud of the new one - the only bit I didn't sculpt was the handle, taken from an Acroyear sword.


Acro-zombies. I've made a stack of them already. I sculpted a new chest section which looks ok in some colours but sucks in others and with a bit of clear resin and horror influence, there's a lot that can be done to improve these. Give it two weeks..
Finally, here are all but one of the last Jumbo-Kaggra's to ever be made. Getting posted away in a couple of days. It was my first ever resin project I did years ago and the mold had a bloody good run.  Thanks for buying these if you did. One more header card left, then that's it. I've got a couple of glitter ones carded somewhere but this is the last (-1) custom to order to be made.


  1. hello. recently a friend sent a Jumbo-Kaggra to me, and now i'm indulging the irresistible urge to drop in here to pay my due respect. great work!

  2. That's lovely :) Thank you very much Kerry! That's some really early work but I did bust a hump on it. I'm working on some really cool other keshi at the moment with some really talented sculptors, so keep an eye out for some cool stuff :D