Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Treegarr v.1 all gone.

The last of the 9 Treegarr v.1s I had for sale is taken! Just seeing if I can't add some value by getting the headers laminated. It might work out, if not, it'll be the same look as advertised.

Other cool stuff happening with Treegarr. I've got so many MOTU ideas I want to get done but have a bunch of Micronauts designs that must come into existence.

Something really cool happening to Treegarr. His whole world will be expanding in both toy and story form soon!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

1 Treegarr left!

He's in the shop. I'm happy to have sold 8 so far (i'm keeping one for myself). Be interesting to see how long he stays there. Especially with the likelyhood of Ben "Galaxxor" Spencer doing his own versions coming out!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Treegarr in a couple of hours!

 Everyone's on Facebook these days so as much as i'll archive the main stuff here, I would encourage you to check out the Bigmantoys Facebook for more up to date info!

My first ever dead straight, scratch sculpted and cast 5.5 figure is going up on my Bigcartel in a couple of hours. 10 pieces.

They've been getting some good coverage at:man-E-toys


and Nerdcityonline

Also, I've employed the services of Mr John Santagada (radioactiveuppercut) of DC Direct fame to do the header art - so glad I did! My drawing would never have done justice to Treegarr like his artwork would. Check it out! It's my banner on my Faceook page and the Bigmantoys Facebook page, I love it that much!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Treegarr drops wedensday!

Treegarr will be available to purchase right here as of Wednesday 24th October @ 18:00 EST / 23:00 GMT!
Many more pics at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78041648@N05
Standing at 5.5" of pure retro resin brutality, Treegarr despite being an art-toy features 3 points of articulation. WOAH!
This is a completely unique sculpt. This design (the original version) will be limited to 10 pieces, ever. I promise once 10 are bought, there will be be no more with the realistic brown bark paintjob, that resembles all artwork and the original sketches.
Due to be revealed before Wednesday, the amazing artwork of John Santagada (google him! Wow!) aka Radioactiveuppercut will be featured on the header card!
"Born from the blood of centuries of sacrifice in a far off desolate wasteland, 'Treegarr', known also in ancient tongues as 'Treevil', needs blood to remain animated. If starved, he must lay root and remain dormant until blood spilt by evil allows him to awake again.
Although Treegarr is only one entity, and one evil mind, there are many stories of him from across this universe and others. Farmers, knights, barbarians, and lesser monsters all have folk tales of this being. Here then, is his true form..."

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sorry grandad...

If you're looking down on me, I want you to know that I am still a man. This means nothing.


I can't deny the value of Twitter anymore so I've signed up. Not much to see yet but will post exclusive content both here and there, and on Facebook too, so worth keeping an eye out for Treegarr next week :)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Treegarr - heading this way!

Many years ago before Eternia knew of He-man or Etheria knew of She-ra, names of legend were many. They were violent times of warring factions and many evil powers were left to grow uncontested and unthwarted.

Deep in the Fright-Zone, before hero or villain dared to brave its depths lived druids and necromancers who treated the deserted realm as a playground. Anything was possible.

At the foot of a tall twisted tree was the spot of thousands of sacrifices. Unimaginable suffering over thousands of years was contained in the soil, roots, and blood of the tall tree.

A mysterious mage once gave the tree a name. The blood of the humans in it's roots gave it the power to take the shape of a man.

Treegarr, the tree that bleeds. The tree that kills. 

This is my proto-Treegarr v.1. I'll be holding onto this one.

This is basically the idea. I've rushed the paint job on this one a lot as we're going away tomorrow and I have limited daylight left to take pics with. I've got th parts for several already cast up and will probably be painting them tonight.

This one will look a little different to the rest as it's brown paint on brown plastic. All the newer parts are brown on black plastic which looks WAY more dynamic.

 I'm happy to say although it's an 'art-toy' it is nicely posable. The waist joint is tight and robust. there's 2 hollow pegs and a central screw making it fully pivotable and safe-ish to drop (please don't on purpose though).

The arms on this one are not a s good as the rest. The joints are loose. I've fixed that and will try to think of ways to further improve on it while i'm on holiday.

See ya next week! :)