Thursday 31 May 2012

BATTLE GAZE - Pt.2 of the Dickumantary on Tressel Gunmetal. (NSFW)

A chance to get a first look at the figures on film....
Tressel, the creator of the BattleGAze, is on home soil at last, with the first run of BattleGAze figures under his ass, it looks like life is sweet for this tough boy from Yonkers. Until that is...
(If you don't laugh at the end - you might not have a soul)

Monday 28 May 2012

Private Pump v.1 and new logo work!

Hey Heyyyyy! Ever worry that your kid doesn't have enough male role models to look up to? Do not fear! Private Pump - the leader of the BattleGaze is finally here FOR YOU!
Sporting a snug silver space suit and a masculine defensive pink spiky body armour, which compliments his deep crimson translucent skin, speckled with green glitter, and heart-shape emblazoned raspberry beret - he's ready for anything!
This version cums with a clear biondick left arm - giving him a firm grip on anything that cums his way!

Private Pump.... A man's man!

And as if that wasn't enough - the Phallic Phenomenon or art and dick that is BattleGaze, has even found it's contagious cocktastic  collaborative concept inspiring the mind and fingertips of Oxygen Timebomb's Alex. just take a look at what he knocked up completely freehand given a few minutes of spare time! Check out the site for all your insanely skilled typographical needs.

Sunday 27 May 2012

Acro-Zombies - nearly there!

Acroyear unit 138 invasion attempt: fail....
Earth government reanimation toxin infects fallen Acroyear units...
Reanimated Acroyear destroys and assimilates Microman patrol near New Orleans Swampland...
Priority: Invasion > Override.
Define Priority> Eliminate animate beings, Location: All....................................................................................

(Just need a bit of touching up)

Saturday 26 May 2012


What happens when you crank the craftsmanship to 11... These are fully fledged, fully posable Micronauts figures made by one man (with non construction help from some friends)

Friday 25 May 2012

Thank you.

Hoping to have enough good stuff ready so that when ToyCon rolls around, there are enough Robots and Gaze to get involved.
Been really, really lucky this week and gotten mentions from some real giants in the art toy world. I'm not even in their hemisphere let alone near their league and I'm really happy that they spotted me and were kind enough to help a 5 litre pressure pot using, dick sculptor out.
I'm not sure if people would want me name dropping so I'll just put links up. Be sure to browse around as there's tons of stuff on both these sites you'll like if you like any of my stuff!

In other news, been working with ex-band members on the theme for BattleGAze. Forgot how much I hate recording but thanks for pushing me through it :)

Tuesday 22 May 2012



To start with, here is a concept piece I did. It's in Byro on the back of copy paper, like all my art. If you use anything else, you need to get serious as this is the working man's toolkit for hot art... on the clock!
Phallofax is using his terrible Vinegary Spludgulite Exxxcretion to render the No-Dicks of Hormonia-Alpha, completely fucking useless, as a stank methodonite supressant splatters them against the inside of the narrow pass known as the "Hot-'bates".

 Here we have a multi-period battle scene. It was great until I tried drawing birds - for the very first time in my life. It was the last thing I did and totally ruined this piece.
Possibly my favourite film of all time. Here is Flesh with a couple of Cosmic Cheerleaders, beating away a turd man. I don't often colour stuff in. Quite pleased.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Takara Project. Acro-zombie progress.

No pimping - the proof will hopefully be in the pudding. Here is what I pulled today - haven't really sanded or anything properly yet. Thinking of colourways and i'm definitely into neon green and black. Will try not to show the main head and other main features until it's all done, with packaging and all. Will definitely re-sculpt the chest. Here is an AZ post Microman murder/assimilation. Message ends.

Saturday 19 May 2012


Today is quality time with girlfriend day so I won't be doing any more work until tomorrow but I thought I'd share the quite imperfect first pull (need to cut  a couple more holes in the cast) of my Acro-zombie parts cast. This is one of 3 heads I've part sculpted and you might notice some changes in the detail of the Armroid bod. Obviously, I didn't make the arms or wings - mine aren't done yet.
Behold the Birudo-Ray. A 50s style ray gun base with 2 5mm ports and 2 5mm pegs for maximum adaptability. Put 2 together, you've got a rifle, etc. Will be working on this all week for fun times.
BATTLE GAZE will be continuing too, now my partner in crime is back to start on the cartoon with me :)

Friday 18 May 2012

Fluorescent green!

We don't have the luxury of readily available smooth-on products here in the UK so finding materials is a bit tough. I was  happy to get hold of some neon pigment powder and see it works! The cast is brittle though. Will have to limit this to chunky bits. The pull here is with white resin so I imagine it'll look way better with clear.

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Concept "art" for one of 3 SICK new Takara projects.


I've spoken about these before but they will be sick! Honestly, a little encouragement and I can work all day to get something done, as long as I know the end result is worth it - and this most definitely WILL be!

Acro Zombie mk.1 should be ready within a week. I am already sculpting the accessories and tweaks to make this beast, that will come in very snazzy deluxe packaging, and loaded with extra parts such as the multi 5mm port "Build Ray" I'm working on which will allow you to make your own custom 50s sci-fi blaster, jetpack, whatever.

I won't give too much away right now, but here's a sketch I did quickly to give some idea of the aesthetic I'm going for. Expect my best stuff yet, and I hope I'm not over ambitious in my hope, a real extra addition to Takara SF customizability

Also, the Blockman project is about to go postal with a masochistic labour of love I intend to start involving literally scores of Blockmen. It might kill me but the pics will last forever.

Sunday 13 May 2012

Takara time! Day one!

Right, so I've got no more BattleGaze figures to make for at least a month and by that time, I should be in my new place with a GARAGE!! :D

At the moment, you are looking at about a third of my current workspace. My compressor and pot and jammed under my PC desk.

For now, I'm making a start on the Blockman project. The more I think about what you can do with the Takara 5mm port system, the more ideas come to me and I spend a lot of time at work, jotting down ideas. This is potentially the best idea for a project I've ever had in terms of longevity, variety, and do-ability. Armroid is my fave figure in the classic Micronauts line. Mainly for its B-movie look and the fact that everything on it is 5mm. Such a simple idea that works so well. So simple in fact, there's nothing stopping me sculpting  new parts, casting old, and continuously building on the idea. I could make a completely new robot or two everyday! New heads, colour variations, etc. Everytime I think of a new character, 90% of the work would be done already, then it's a case of sculpting a new bit, and casting the appropriate parts in the colour I want.
 I've got some great plans which I can't wait to build on. GITD skull encased in a translucent Acroyear head - Acroskull!
Messed up colour scheme Acroyear/Armroid hybrid - Damn Acroid!
Plus, making every head I can find in my toybox with a 5mm peg should be fun. I'm also incorporating the Gats Blocker into the project.
Just started this in earnest today. So much more fun than casting giant expensive chunks of He-Man body.

Of course, the Blockman project will be going into hyper drive as part of this. Here are a few bits I've come up with in the experimental stage. It's all about the colour for me! Soon I'll have enough official Blockmen to make a big old cast so I can make batches in identical colours!
Also, I've had a couple of people who've been kind enough to get interested in taking the last few JumboKaggras to be made, off my hands. Got a request for a blood red one and came up with this - the clear paint gives a very nice depth to the sculpt where it sinks in the grooves of the mask etc.

Thursday 10 May 2012


Perhaps we'd better start at the beginning. Here is an in depth look that you might not have seen of BattleGaze creator, Tressel Gunmetal talking in his Yonkers apartment, taken from VHS many years ago.

He's back, and the dickumentary on his journey of action figure creation is back in progress, while he works tirelessly to produce the most cock heavy, erect action figure series the world has ever seen.

With just a few more prototypes to create and magazine advertising secured, we can now reveal some of the exciting figures that will be part of the series, and something completely new!

We've managed to get hold of scans of some of his sketches, accompanied by the latest BattleGAze promo shots!



Born from over pumping and a greedy need to be the most blood swollen member in the universes, Phallofax created a full body pump and slowly pushed the pressure to 10'000 psi over the course of several months. Eventually his body and knobcock merged into one. Now, with no ability to truly love or be loved, he has invaded the Vein Nebula, home of the possessors of the most rickockulouly impressive glands in existence, to try and ruin their frankly outstanding ruddy knobbers.

As a figure, Phallofax is possibly the most instantly recognisable of the characters. Mainly due to his Russell-Crowe-esque eyes.



Private Pump is 90% through action figure production. He's the main good guy. A classic 80s style action hero, go-getter, and all round heavy-sloppy-dicked, big dick man around town today.
The leader of the resistance on planet ErectPenis, he makes sure he's always primed, and ready for the evil invading forces of Phallofax!



Although he would appear to be cyborg or alien, he is neither. Phallofax went around the jungles of Pubis-Minorii Alpha, collecting symbiant parasite assbugs and centirpicks. He combined these with the blood of a thousand severed steamers, and combined with the information taken from earth TV signals, same up with this nightmarish henchman.


 Long ago, upon being expelled from the planet Hormonia for rendering the entire population infertile, Phallofax, a long time lonely in his space suit, came accross a wan and kindly space jellyfish. One would think this moment of interstellar romance would have come to something special.

A mere nine months later, that sweet and comely Jellyfish found herself stranded on Earth, with nothing to survive on (that could provide adequate nutrition to a space creature), she found that only partly used drugs could keep her alive. Thus her, and her newborn son became completely dependant on narcotics and LSD. Upon his mother's death, a young Hallucinogenic Delicious Jelly Dick Alpha swore he would die in battle, and take Phallofax, his abandoning father with him.

 As you can see, HDJDA is by far the most advanced figure in the range thus far and looks great in translucent green. Look out Phallofax, this could be your nemedick!

 AND SO...

Get ready for a battle for the centudick as the world's first anatomically correct designer action figures make their way to YOU!! And perhaps even more exciting, is the forthcoming web-series from the comic geniusses at based on the hot figure line.


Monday 7 May 2012

5mm 4 LIFE!

My friend Fred Yee is probably the most prolific operator of the 5mm port system used by Takara toy lines. I picked up an awesome motorised vehicle with a spinning drill today from a pound shop. It was made by the legendary "NEW BOY" toy company! Hahaha! Their logo looks like Bandai and I guess they thought it sounded similar maybe? Anyway, the toy's a quality product. Reminds me of motorised Zoids. I sat down with a box of 5mm parts while watching TV and made this. No screws, tape, nothing. Nice to incorporate things into the microverse. The Time Traveller on top is a custom I made I call the "Blood Traveller". An undead evil TT that lives off the blood of his victims.

P.S. Awesome Battle Gaze fig coming within couple of days. My best by miles so far.:)

BANDAI?! F that S! NEW BOY is where it's at!!

Sunday 6 May 2012

Araiiight! Keshis, fleshys, and... freshies?

Last run of Jumbo-Kaggra Keshis - get 'em in any colour you want!

You might not be a wrestling fan, but even still, these are badass keshis by any collector's tastes. Jumbo-Kaggra was the 2nd wrestler to wear the Kaggra mask and wrestles/d mostly in the UK. These keshi were available for a very short while online and have since been sold off at wrestling shows. The mold has about 20 or so more good pulls in it before it's scrapped. They cost 5 pounds each and postage overseas is 3 pounds standard (no guarantee) and 8 pounds with tracking. Let me know if you're interested and i'll even cast and hold onto one for you for when i've got a few more keshi made up (to make shipping outside UK worth your while) :)

apo style Spartan Women of Mars (or whatever)
Yeeears ago, I read a book called Gladiatrix about a Spartan woman who was forced to be a gladiator. This is basically what I pictures. Yeah, whatever, i'm a pervert. Anyway, should anyone want a custom cast (any colour combo of figure, sword and stand) let me know. Also happy to paint one up or customise any way you for not much money at all!
Last but not least is my work so far on fish-man number 1. I plan to make a 4-5 pack of sea based monsters to  sell as a set. Gotta keep sculpting. That's what got me into this.

Oh yeah, i've got a computer! A good one! and for REAL cheap! I can finally put pics up in decent resolution etc..
"No Takara" I hear you say? Just need one more blockman so I can make the mold that will start the project in earnest. Not long now and expect insane header cards/artwork etc :) It's the thing i'm most excited about.