Tuesday 31 July 2012

L.Designs Toys


Even though he doesn't cane Blogspot that much, I look at his blog a lot. He makes very imaginative toys. Not always things that "fit in" - they often don't try to match the look of existing toylines, but I really like his stuff, and respect him a lot as an artist.
We haven't spoken much so this isn't me putting over one of my "boys". He creates his own worlds and creates toys for them. I often think about picking up a Capsulebot to customise but I'm always too busy trying to make my stuff. One day for sure.

Thursday 26 July 2012

Sculpting with wax (from a Babybel!) - who'da known?

Ok, so calling what I did here "sculpting" would be generous. More like a fiddle around while on my lunch break at work with a toothpick. Just to see what working with wax felt like.

I've heard of sculpting with wax. I always thought it must be purely reductive - as in hacking away until you have what you want shape wise, with no ability to build up. I've read it's how Matt Doughty works and I know Wrestlingsuperstore.com used modellers wax when making their Remco wrestler repros and Marty Hansen has mentioned using it too.

This is wax from a six pack of Babybel (little wheels of cheese). Someone told me just as i was about to bin it, that you can use it for modelling. I made a Glyos-styley guy and a little robot dog with a toothpick, and rolled various pens on it for texturing. I might actually start using it for head sculpts - especially with MOTU heads - might give it that poorly defined  but nicely smooth "vintage" look.

Wednesday 25 July 2012


BattleGaze will NEVER be the same again?! UH-OH!! Did SOMEBODY say erect knob-end!? Yowkes!

Header cards? Baggies? That's right, rock hard plastic dick and bollock is now available to buy in action figure form!


E-bay is not the most caring, sharing of environments these days.

This will be the last of the one of a kind fun run of experimental figures. Homophobos-Z v.0 will be available just as soon as someone buys one of these (5 item max on BigCartel). These will be the only 1/1 BattleGaze produced - after this, it'll be three of each variant. There's some stupid shit coming your way! And it's erect as dick!

Sunday 22 July 2012

Who'm I kidding?

...I can't keep anything half decent a secret!

... plus this is just ONE of several projects I have on right now.

Several months ago, I planned my first Takara/Mego project to be a re-vamping of the awesome and underrated Blockman/Robolinks series. EVERY time I made a mold, stuff kept going wrong - it was really pissing me off and killing my enthusiasm for the idea while other things seemed to work much better. I've learned quite a lot since then and with the last remnant of the Acro-zombie project in my house, have today unleashed the power of the BLOCKMAN~!

One trick I missed with the AZs was not glossing the shit out of them. I had no idea gloss on clear could be so effective when done right. If you happen to have bought one from me, I encourage you to gloss it if you like - the results are amazing.

Anyway, I won't go on and on, it might be a while before I decide what format I'll be doing these in (2 packs, kits for vehicles etc (?)) and I have one big project that I'll be casting alongside the exciting collaboration I'm working on right now. I have a lot of it already done, just waiting for some loose ends to tie up :)

Also, I discovered the work (or put a name to the work of) Nistuff (nistuff.com).

Glyos is obviously right up my alley but there's no way I'm paying the shipping that is unfortunately unavoidable when shipping to the UK from US. Glyos is so cheap for what you get, but I can't afford to be collecting that stuff right now. If any ends up in the UK, I make sure I'm the one to get it, blah blah blah, anyway - Nistuff's use of colour on clear is incredible. Just really beautiful amazing stuff that gets the imagination going. Some of the most visually satisfying art/toys i've ever seen. And the sculpts are cool too.

I took a little MK for a walk today with my girlfriend. You can BET she was really proud to see her fathead 30 something boyfriend posing his little green man in public and taking pics with his phone. She's been with me 5 years now so she's stuck. Life can be brutal.

Anyway, I thought I'd share today's pics (of toys i'm not keeping hush hush).

Diazombie now has an expansion pack - pretty f'ing cool aye? (do I WANT to sell him now?!)

Friday 20 July 2012

See ya soon!

   Even Fudge isn't allowed to see what I'm working on!

Finally got a good setup to work with and a lot of work to do! As soon as I've got enough stuff to show on this blog, I will. In the meantime, I'm going to use my PC for not much more than playing music while I'm casting and checking my e-mail. Expect something nice!

Tuesday 17 July 2012

TRULY clear clear figures!

 Clear resin = clear resin right? I can understand the value in glossing opaque, but I couldn't have envisioned the absolute magic you get if you gloss clear resin - it practically doubles the translucency!!

It was on the advice of Gold Dober who is the person who inspired me enough to endorse in a compressor and a pot in the first place. The refractions are stunning! Soooo smooth! I'll be revealing my new project this week and it's going to KILL! I'm working with two very talented people on it.

 I will be glossing EVERYTHING from now on! The TT pictured here will be available to buy soon. I'm working on making a simple little Paypal shop. It's a piece of piss with Dreamweaver and domains don't cost much these days :)

Monday 16 July 2012

Behold - HORDIK!!

Accompanied here by BEAST-GLAND is yet another formidable foe to challenge Private-Pump and the BattleGaze Warriors; HORDIK!

He has the ability to turn his cock into almost any weapon he needs to take down his enemy at will. Treacherous beyond compare, he is certainly an enemy to the warriors of ErectPenis, but can he e'er be a true ally to Phallofax? Hmmm? What do YOU think?

Saturday 14 July 2012

Battle Gaze Story Time: Storming the Narrow Pass.


Another globulite of a Phalloclone's scalding semenite glubbage impacts Private Pump's shield so damn hard, the very sound hurts the delicate eardrums of little Skipper, who with small hands pressed at pudgy, stubbled face, cowers - terrified of the potential effects of that terrible dirty stuff!

"Gee, Pump! I don't know what's a boy to do with all this steamy hot man plasm flying around! I don't know if the troops will ever bust through that impossibly narrow pass with their bulbous and fantastic ram!"

For some strange reason, Skipper seemed to almost... giggle. Was it the sheer intensity of the enemy's frontline defense making him nervous?  Whatever it was they had in the swollen pulsating tower just over the bridge, it certainly seemed to be a source of importance. Why, erect and noble men from far and wide had assembled here today for whatever was through that hatch.

"My little friend. When we get back to camp, we will all eat our share of delicious steamed sausage and give our balls a good wash!" Pump smiled.

"My balls fucking stink! I've been marching for weeks and the vinegar rations are a poor substitute for creamy white COCK SOAP!"

No doubt whichever disgruntled troop it was that was responsible for this out burst could not be blamed. Pump all too well remembered long marches as he came up hard through the ranks to be erected as cock-sergant general of the Planet ErectPenis army. How true he stood this day. His knob completely blood packed. Although he knew, this might now not be enough.

For many years the men of this planet had successfully beat off any invading force with their simple tacdick of smacking the dick of the enemy with their own harder, bigger, and infinitely more vascular cocks. Many an invading race had been sent home dicks and spirits broken.

However Phallofax and his drones and clones had a superior tactic of thrusting with such efficiency, shields would shatter and vital organs would be exposed to rampaging dick! Many was the time Pump had seen comrades dragged away howling in pain to the back, to be put out their misery while their destroyed knob flopped like a hollowed out elephant's trunk. Phallofax's men could use their dick... to penetrate DICK!


Pump turned to see a troop on the left flank desperately trying to scoop out the burning hot spunk which had been fired with such velocity into his mouth, it had also broken his jaw and knocked out all his teeth in the process.

It was no good. The Pricktorian Guard formed a shield wall around the fallen man, trying to protect him but Phallofax's men, with ruthless efficiency, caught him with another shot as he turned his back in defence.

The shot powered right up his arsehole, infecting him with the Homophobos-Z parasite and breaking his spine in the process.

Also, his balls ruptured and the veins burst in his knob, it was horrible.

The troop knew what had to be done and managed to rise to his knees. While he trembled with the strain, two troops dutifully stood either side of him. At Pump's nod, they thrust into both his ears simultaneously and screamed to signify both honour, and sorrow. The man's knob was pulled off and put in a velvet box to send home to his family.

Pump raged. And the blood drained visibly through he veins in his neck, all the way to his knob.  There was a palpable crackling as the hard penis chassis packed out with an abnormal amount of blood. It became a shocking ruddy crimson, the likes of which even old Skipper had never seen. And he'd seen a LOT of cocks and dicks.

"Men! If we stand here strategising too long we're done for. I do not ask you to go to your deaths. I ask you to follow me and do as I do. This is not the time to protect your knobs, but the time to become an extention of them! We will fucking penetrate any dick that fucks with our dicks!"

"Now! HARD..... ON!"

A feint grimace followed by powerful sniff as the war aroma of old spunk fills his nostrils.


(to be continued)

Lookout for more exciting Battlegaze stories and action figures soon!

Saturday 7 July 2012


 ( ...except the Diazombie... not letting him go just yet)

Thank you~!

I wrote about how much it means to me in my last entry but just to say I'm really happy to think of my AZs going to new homes, to be displayed among people's collections, where there are micros in some form or other from many countries and many decades. I think that's really cool.

Definitely encouraged to do another Micro figure in the not too distant future. :D And there'll definitely be more than ten next time!

Thursday 5 July 2012

Still waters run deep... BALLS DEEP! (and "what it is to be a nerd")

The reason I haven't been on here typing loads of stuff about all the stuff I've been upto is, I've been doing too much stuff to find time to write about the stuff - and that's no lie!

Acrozombies 2 LEFT!!! (and the Diazombie) :D   My sincere (actually sincere - this is my passion and it means a lot to me when people like it) thanks to everyone that bought one. They are flying, rolling their way to you right now. I hope you enjoy them!

There's a big stackload going on I can't talk about due to it being collaboration based and other people not being as keen as me to go "here's the shitty looking knockup I made that takes all the illusion and impact out of the toy before you've even seen the finished thing". All I will say is there are three people I have a lot of respect for and I'm really excited to be working with. Should be able to give you some hints on stuff as of next weekend.

But for now, I am making molds and nothing else. I could start casting on the side by I won't. I'll keep it stress-free and problem free this week at least. I can say no more.

I really like toys. Money has been going into my Paypal and straight back out to a degree. BattleGAze will continue shortly, alongside my forthcoming casting labours I have comitted to. To prove just how much of a toyman I am, here is a pic of Phallofax v.2 (with missing heart sticker FUCK!) and the great GORGAX  (of the Galaxxor universe) having a chance encounter while meeting in the middle of a city they were incidentally both destroying at the same time. Two Great Hates that Hate GREAT Together!!!
This is actually the FIRST ever resin figure I've bought (if you don't count the pervy anime kits I bought at the VERY FIRST Minami Anime 'con when I was 14! - Yeah, that's right, I'm no fair weather nerd!). I think the sculpt is awesome and timeless, the build is really dynamic and distinctly designer - I can't imagine this being in a box in a toyshop - there's something too understated and cool about it. Also, the paintwork is so cool. I love the feel of it, the glitter on my fingertips (I have a girlfriend) - this is a piece of art. Ben Spencer has really put together something that clearly resonates with a lot of people as they all keep buying them!. Not only that, but it's cast by TheGodBEast, who is one of the first people who ever inspired me to get into casting my own stuff. He was the main guy at Littlerubberguys.com, all those years ago, who really got it all going and started something huge. And now he's working with and on the coolest designer action figures in the world! (I swear i'm not kissing arse - these are people who help people out all the time anyway!).

I also have something else pretty fucking masterpieceful coming my way soon I'll post here.

On being a nerd, hoarding is obviously a big problem. I have to display my wonders on limited shelf space. I found a site with incredible 3.3/4 space stations and bases made form the old eighties building toy, Construx (just google "CONSTRUX" it's pretty niche but pretty amazing!). It is grey and blue. The windows are translucent green. It might be the most sci-fi friendly display accessory I've ever seen and it's stinky cheap on ebay!

So I manned-up, just for my girlfriend's sake to get us more space in out small home, and built this - The micro tower. Have it!
  It's REALLY sturdy. You can actually work on it with figures still on, and it barely wobbles if you're careful. this lot cost me about a tenner! Pretty fucking swanky aye!

 Anyway, so why I've made a decision to fully embrace my nerd roots - For one thing, people who spend decades trying to be cool, are the ones who never grow up, in my opinion. Earning what you get, working hard, being decent to people because you want to and have the strength to go through life without fucking people over, that to me is being an adult. Being a nerd means you are doing your own thing. Being what you are supposed to be is the way to go. If you're an unlikeable arsehole, maybe it's because you spend too much time doing and saying things you don't mean - or that you haven't been frank enough to get into what you really want to.

You are not trying to please people by changing yourself, and I'm proud to have always been that way. A lot of people might think being an adult who spends half his time on toys is not "winner behavior". There are people all around us who think they're better somehow because they're bigger/richer/skinnier/better read or whatever. I am doing exactly what I want to do. I do not compromise a single thing. I won't be found doing anything I don't want to do in the hope that people will like me. Rejection and acceptance are important to everyone to some degree, but I do know that people that don't accept you for what you are and treat you like you should be treated, can easily be replaced by people that do.

I'm tired and could go on. Thought this'd be better than nothing in lieu of clear toy news. See ya!